Trainer salaries

  • How much do trainers make

    A new personal trainer also called fitness trainer receives a starting pay of around $17,784 per annum. Among the benefits of fitness trainer includes annual bonus of around $4,983. On the other hand, a new athletic trainer takes home a starting pay of around $30,131 per year with average annual bonus of $2,942 and profit sharing of around $8,950.

  • Why do you need to become a trainer

    Personal training could be your stepping stone to success. It is also a job that doesn’t require a very high education. If you have some certifications and training and are patient, analytical, organized, persistent, motivated, and multi-skilled and a good listener, you can be a personal fitness trainer. Personal fitness trainer is very much in demand. People are getting less and less of exercise and they need fitness trainers to help them cut some extra weight. Fitness trainer can be a rewarding job as well. A personal trainer can enjoy independency and freedom.  You can also choose where and when to work, charge different fees based on the clients capacity and enjoy freedom in performing your job.

    In other hand, when se speak about athletic trainer. The job outlook for Athletic trainer is very good and is becoming highly in-demand. BLS projected the growth rate for this job to 37% from 2008 to 2018 which is much faster than the average. The field of athletic training is new but this profession is growing in an unprecedented pace.  Moreover, athletic training entails much lucrative salary than a personal trainer although a personal trainer can also become an athletic trainer after gaining a bachelor’s degree or if he already has, after obtaining the Athletic Trainer Certified certification.

    How to become a trainer

    Do you want to become a fitness trainer or personal trainer ? A college degree is not a pre-requisite to becoming a personal trainer. You need a certification in fitness from organizations accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCAA). Accreditation improves your marketability as a personal trainer as employers and clients prefer personal trainers who knows their stuff.
    Now take a look at athletic trainer educational requirements. On the other hand, a bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement to become an athletic trainer according to National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA). Other athletic trainers even have master’s degrees majoring in athletic training.  In contrast with personal trainers that have no standardized requirements for credentialing, the Athletic Trainer Certified (ATC) is the standard credential for athletic trainers.  This can be attained after finishing a bachelor’s degree and passing the comprehensive exam on clinical evaluation, injury prevention, immediate care, professional development and clinical evaluation and diagnosis. The Board of Certification (BOC) is the organization that bestows the ATC certification.

    Trainer trainer tuition and scholarship

    Like other education, there are schools that offer scholarships for aspiring personal trainers and athletic trainers. An example is the Elite Fitness Trainer School (EFTS) in Texas that offers full amount of reimbursement for registration fees and tuition fees. That is if you opt to remain and work in their facilities. You may also search the internet for personal trainer’s schools that offer scholarships in your area. On the other hand, has identified all the available athletic training scholarships for aspiring athletic trainers. has researched, identified and listed more than $40 billion of scholarships available in all colleges and universities all across the US.

    Average trainer salary

    Ten percent of personal trainer in US takes home around $18,000 per annum. The median makes an average of $30,000 while the 75 and 90% receive around $54,000 and $75,000 respectively. The hourly rate for personal trainer ranges from $8.61 to $38.79 with an average yearly bonus of $4,893. The top paying state based on hourly rate is California where personal trainers earn from $15.72 to $25.43 per hour.
    Athletic trainer receives annual pay ranging from $30,000 to $51,000. Ten percent of athletic trainers take home a yearly pay of $30,000 on average. Fifty percent collects around $38,000 per year, seventy five percent receives around $43,000 and ninety percent enjoys the top pay per year of $51,000. Athletic trainer also enjoys a yearly bonus of around $2,942 and profit sharing of $8,950 per annum. The highest paying state for athletic trainers is Illinois where athletic trainers receive a top pay of $63,023 per year.

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