Sports therapist salary

  • Sports therapist’s salary is around $80,000 in the United States. A sports therapist is a physical therapist who focuses on helping athletes recover from and prevent injuries. He or she is often hired by sports team or athletes to develop exercise regimens for target areas. He or she is also considered as an athletic trainer, who earned around $42,690 in 2012. Physical therapists were projected to grow by 39% from 2010 to 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This could be due to the increased awareness of sports-related injuries, even at a young age, increasing the demand for this occupation, especially for youth leagues, colleges, and universities. Sports therapists may work as freelancers or in sporting good stores and gyms. Those with an advanced degree may work in hospitals, home health care, or private practice. Keep reading for more information about sports therapist salary and career requirements.

  • Sports therapist job description

    The job of a sports therapist mainly revolves around helping clients in developing, restoring, and maintaining their ability to move. Sports therapists advise clients about the necessary stretching and warming up exercise and provide treatments and first aid for minor injuries. They also decide whether players and athletes are fit to continue playing by assessing injuries. Sports therapists also advise clients regarding diet, nutrition and lifestyle. They work with coaches and trainers in developing injury prevention programs. Their duties also include referring clients to specialists if further treatment is necessary.

    How much does a sports therapist make ?

    Average sports therapist salary

    Based on the annual pay for physical therapist, the sports therapist’s salary is around $82,180, or around $39.51 per hour, in 2013.

    Sports therapist salary in the USA

    According to Indeed, the average sports therapist’s salary is around $87,000, but Simply Hired has a lower figure for the annual pay of this occupation at $45,000.

    Based on the BLS report, physical therapist, which include sports therapist, earned an average of $82,180. They are employed at the highest levels and at the highest concentration in the industry involving the offices of other health practitioners, where they made $80,060. But they earned the most while working in the industry of other schools and instruction, which paid them around $92,500. The industry of home health care services is also among the top paying industries for physical therapists, paying them around $91,190. The nursing care facilities paid $87,250, the individual and family services paid $86,070, and the continuing care retirement communities and assisted living facilities for the elderly paid $85,060. The same report showed that the sports therapist’s salary was around $82,730, based on the salary of specialized physical therapists.

    Experience-wise, physical therapist and sports therapist with less than five years experience earns around $15.11 per hour, while those with over 20 years of experience make $26.59 per hour.

    Sports therapist salary by city / state in the USA

    The sports therapist’s salary, based on that of a physical therapist in the US, was at its highest in the state of Nevada in 2013 at around $115,220. The second and third highest were in Alaska, $96,800, and California, $91,330 per year. The therapists working in Texas and New Jersey each earned around $90,890 and $90,750 per year, respectively.

    The Laredo, TX metropolitan area, on the other hand, is the top paying city given its sports therapist’s salary of $126,410. The Las Vegas-Paradise, NV and Brownsville-Harlingen, TX areas followed suit, each giving the therapist an annual pay of $124,060 and $114,090, respectively. The rest of the five highest paying metropolitan areas include the Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ and the Vallejo-Fairfield, CA areas, which paid their sports therapists around $107,910 and $107,220 per year, respectively.

    Sports therapist salary in Canada

    Wow Jobs Canada showed that the average athletic therapist salary, or sports therapist salary, is around C$51,832. But Indeed’s report about a physical therapist’s salary is around C$73,000.

    Based on the annual pay of physical therapist in Canada, the average sports therapist’s salary is likely around the median pay of C$59,494, with the basic salary ranging from C$38,916 to C$98,774. Some employers may also provide bonuses of up to C$29,590. Their hourly rate ranges between C$19.73 and C$41.29.

    Physical therapists with one to four years of experience earned between C$45,000 and C$60,678, while those with 10 to 19 years of experience made between C$66,000 and C$102,023.

    Sports therapist salary in Australia

    Based on the yearly pay of an exercise physiologist, as reported by PayScale, the sports therapist’s salary is likely around AU$39,857 to AU$69,142. The median pay for this occupation is around AU$51,077. Physical therapists and sports medicine therapists earn between AU$47,295 and AU$157,846.

    Sports therapist salary in the UK

    The typical sports therapist’s salary for those working in the UK starts at around £17,000. This can increase to around £28,000 with experience. Therapist who works with a professional team or in private practice may earn as much as £35,000. However, this position is usually open only to experienced sports therapist. Private therapist makes around £25 to £35 per hour.

    Sports therapist salary in South Africa

    The sports therapist salary, based on the salary of the relevant occupation of a sports physiotherapist, is around R132,000, while that of a physiotherapist is around R330,000, according to PayScale. But according to Salary Explorer, physiotherapist makes around R210,000 per year.

    How to become a sports therapist

    To become a sports therapist, one must have a bachelor’s a master’s degree. Those who get a bachelor’s degree have to take anatomy and science courses, biomechanics, and exercise science. They are trained to assess athletic injuries and provide therapy techniques. Students may work alongside health professionals and sports physicians. Licensing requirements vary from state to state, but in most cases need to complete a Board of Certification exam. Students may need to take additional exams. Certifications are offered by the Board of Certification, Inc., but only those who have taken a Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE)-accredited training program are eligible to take the exam. Continuing education credits are necessary. Those who choose to take a master’s degree will learn advanced therapeutic techniques and therapeutic assessment.

    Conclusion about sports therapist salary

    Sports therapists earn an average of $82,180 per year. The highest earners make an average sports therapist’s salary of $113,340 or more and the lowest earners take home an average of $56,280 or less. 

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