Physiotherapist salary

  • Physiotherapist is a medical professionals in the UK, Ireland, and Australia whose work involves rehabilitative medicine that helps patients recover, improve or maintain their body’s abilities after encountering problems due to aging, illness, disability or injury. In the US, they are called physical therapists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest paid physiotherapists are those working in hospitals or physician offices. In 2011, the highest paid workers earned around $110,670, while the lowest paid workers only earned around $54,710. They also earn more than the occupational therapists, registered nurses, and massage therapists. From the median salary of $78,270 based on BLS reports, physiotherapist is now earning $58,543 in 213, according to PayScale. Physiotherapist salary is one of the highest in medical therapy field.

  • Physiotherapist Job Description

    Physiotherapist helps patients move better and cope with their pain after they suffer from an illness or injury. They also work on injury prevention, consultation, and patient education. The BLS have attributed several duties to physical therapists, such as diagnosing dysfunctional movements by observing the patients stand or walk and by asking them about their concerns and developing a treatment plan for the patients given their goals. They are also responsible for facilitating exercises, hands-on therapy, and stretching movements to relieve the patients’ pain and help them increase their movement. They assess the progress of the patients regularly, changing their treatment plan as needed, and using new treatments that are deemed appropriate for the patients’ case. Physiotherapist also educates the patients and their families about what will happen during recovery and what the family should do to help the patients.

    The US Navy physical therapists, on the other hand, help Sailors and Marines recover from their injuries so they can continue with their career. Air Force Physical Therapists are also responsible for taking care of hundreds of thousands of Airmen who encountered accidents, training injuries, or wounds.

    How much does a physiotherapist make ?

    Average physiotherapist salary

    According to PayScale, the average salary of physiotherapist in the US is around $51,459 to $83,204. The hourly wage for starting physiotherapist is $24.93 to $35.98 per hour. The more experienced ones who have been working for more than 20 years in this profession earn around $32.21 to $50.68 per hour.

    Physiotherapist salary in USA

    The average annual salary for physiotherapist in the US ranges from $55,083 to $91,242, which includes a basic salary of around $51,459 to $83,204, a bonus of up to $3,950, profit sharing of $5,357, and a commission of $5,918.

    New physiotherapist earns $49,290 to $70,514. With more experience comes a bigger pay, with one to four years of experience rewarded with an increase to an annual salary of $50,925 to $77,048. Those with five to nine years of experience in the field are paid around $56,659 to $82,697 while those who have been working as physiotherapists for more than 20 years can earn $56,571 to $95,551.

    physiotherapist salary in US,UK and CAN
    physiotherapist salary

    Physiotherapist salary by state

    Based on location, the best paying cities for physiotherapists are McAllen, Texas with an annual median salary of $122,160, El Paso, Texas with $105,400, and Fairbanks, Alaska in $104,250.

    Industry-wise, physiotherapists earn around $50,084 to $83,337 in hospitals, $58,684 to $99,180 in home health care, $54,159 to $80,894 in an orthopedist’s office, and $51,715 to $86,385 in nursing homes.

    The degree obtained by physiotherapist is another factor that affects their salary. Those who have a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Physical Therapy have an annual salary of $54,080 to $71,239 and $50,684 to $89,104, respectively. Those with a master’s in Exercise Science can earn around $59,449 to $68,541, while those with a doctorate are paid $53,195 to $79,071.

    In terms of certifications or licenses, a licensed PT can earn around $52,501 to $84,353, a PT with CPR skills can earn $53,220 to $82,120, a PT with Basic Life Support training is paid around $56,009 to $82,902, and a PT who is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist earns $56,245 to $85,749.

    PayScale reported benefits that include the 401(k), life insurance/disability, malpractice/liability insurance, paid sick leave, paid vacation, 403(b), and  reimbursement for education, training, tuition or certification.

    Physiotherapist salary in Canada

    Physiotherapist salary for those working in Canada receives an average yearly salary that ranges from C$48,915 to C$95,965 with a median salary of C$71,054. The hourly rate ranges from C$29.35 to C$46.26 and an overtime pay of C$77.86 per hour. Bonuses can reach up to C$2,768.

    Those who have worked for one to four years in the business can earn around C$31,822 to C$89,396, while those who have worked for 10 to 19 years can earn higher at around C$42,500 to C$89,000. Long time physiotherapist who has spent more than 20 years in their career can make C$60,000 to C$82,424 per year.

    Physiotherapist salary for those who work in Toronto, Ontario have an average annual salary of C$38,541 to C$103,042, those in Calgary, Alberta C$63,871 to C$91,563, and those in Vancouver, British Columbia around C$43,000 to C$65,000.

    Depending on the industry they are working for, the salary also varies. Those who are in health care can earn approximately C$43,584 to C$84,494, in rehab C$32,681 to C$93,957, and in PT’s office C$30,088 to C$95,335.

    Education is another factor that determines the salary of each physiotherapist. A bachelor’s degree can earn them C$57,288 to C$77,419 while a master’s degree can raise that pay to C$60,764 to C$75,000.

    Physiotherapist salary in Australia

    The expected average annual salary for physiotherapist in Australia, as PayScale reported, ranges from AU$46,442 to AU$86,912 with the median salary being AU$63,683.

    Those with less than a year of experience earn AU$41,491 to AU$69,048, while those who have spent 20 years or more in this career can make around AU$45,400 to AU$86,897.

    Physiotherapist working in New South Wales earn AU$40,598 to AU$81,373, those in Queensland AU$45,495 to AU$86,685, and those in South Australia AU$41,750 to AU$79,351.

    In terms of the industry they’re working in, physiotherapist employed by hospitals earns AU$38,264 to AU$71,216, by assisted living facilities AU$50,120 to AU$69,878, by physical therapist’s office AU$43,910 to AU$80,292, and by health care organizations AU$40,642 to AU$73,282.

    Physiotherapist salary in the UK

    The starting salary for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) physiotherapist is around £21,176 to £27,625, according to Prospects. Specialists can earn higher at around £25,528 to £34,189, while advanced PTs are paid £30,460 to £40,157. Those who are working in the private sector earn almost similar wage as those in the NHS. Physiotherapist in the UK usually logs in 37.5 hours every week. Those who are just starting can earn £16,200 to £24,727, while those who have spent 10 to 19 years in the profession are paid around £29,361 to £59,598. Physiotherapist who know how to acupuncture can earn more at around £29,950 to £35,160.

    Physiotherapist salary in South Africa

    On the average, physiotherapists in South Africa make around R98,679 to R289,294 annually. The median salary, based on PayScale reports, is R185,451. Physiotherapist who has one to four years of experience are paid R88,239 to R243,363, while the more experienced ones who have spent at least a decade in the profession take home around R176,874 to R289,484. Based on location, physiotherapists working in Pretoria and Cape Town earn R55,149 to R293,614 and R83,772 to R191,436, respectively. However, those in Johannesburg earn much higher at around R132,000 to R308,601. Physiotherapist who specializes in orthopedics have an annual salary of R73,540 to R264,000, while those who focus on rehabilitation earn R157,042 to R240,000.

    How to become a physiotherapist

    To become a physiotherapist, one needs a postgraduate professional degree. There are several physical therapy programs that would award a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) or Master of Physical Therapy (MPT). DPT programs run for three years, while MPT programs need two to three years of study. But to be admitted to any of these programs, one has to have a bachelor’s degree while other programs require prerequisites, such as biology, physiology, anatomy, and chemistry. In some DPT programs, clinical clerkships are required. Some students even have to experience an introductory practicum, where they get immersed in the workplace. Physiotherapist also needs certain qualities to carry on with his jobs, such as compassion, attention to detail, interpersonal skills, dexterity, and physical stamina. Most states in the US hire only physiotherapists who passed the National Physical Therapy Examination. As for the matters of certification, one has to finish a post-secondary education program. A certain amount of experience as a physiotherapist may be required before one is allowed to take the physiotherapist certification examination.

    Conclusion about physiotherapist salary

    Average physiotherapist salary in USA is $81,110 with an hourly wage of $38.99. Most of them are employed by general hospitals, home health services, doctor’s offices, and nursing care facilities. 

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