Family therapist salary

  • Family therapist’s salary is around $50,000 in the United States. A family therapist counsels couples, families, and individuals. This therapist has psychotherapy training that focuses on family systems. It is this therapist’s job to know the dynamics of family relationships. Due to the stress brought about by modern living, families and individuals have increased the demand for professionals who can help them deal with various issues and heal. In fact, the Occupational Information Network projected that the growth in the demand for this job is expected to stay above average until at least 2018. They also estimated 9,500 job openings for family therapists from 2008 to 2018. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the same findings as it projected a 29% growth in the demand for these professionals. This growth is likely due to the reduced stigma about families seeking outside help for their issues. The best employment opportunities are found in the rural areas in the US, where there is only a small population of family therapists. Keep reading for more information about family therapist salary and career requirements.

  • Family therapist job description

    The main job of a family therapist is to diagnose and treat the mental and emotional disorders of their patients by examining their family relationships and marriage. The treatment is typically short-term, often running for 20 sessions. Each session usually involves the therapist asking questions, listening, and counseling the patient. The family therapist’s salary also includes compensation for creating a treatment plan for the patient and maintaining case records.

    Family therapist should has excellent listening skills. They should be attuned to their patients’ emotions and understand the underlying causes of their reactions. They use their logical thinking skills to develop practical solutions to their patients’ problems. Family therapist should know how to negotiate, help patients forge better relationships, and assist patients in making reconciliations.

    How much does a family therapist make a year?

    Average family therapist salary

    The BLS cited that the average family therapist’s salary is $51,690, based on its May 2013 report for marriage and family therapist. Their average wage is around $24.85.

    Family therapist salary in the USA

    According to the BLS, the family therapist salary in 2012 was $41,500, on the average, or $19.95 per hour. But in 2013, this increased to $51,690 per year, or $24.85 per hour, while the median salary is $48,160.

    The industry of Individual and Family Services employed the most number of family therapists in 2013 and paid them around $45,160 per year. This is also the same industry with the highest levels of employment for these therapists. But the top paying industry would be the state government, which paid a family therapist salary of $65,840. The industries of home health care services ($56,920), the local government ($56,850), the general medical and surgical hospitals ($56,120), and the social advocacy organizations ($54,570) completed the list of the top paying industries for family therapists.

    According to PayScale, the basic family therapist’s salary ranges from $31,225 to $63,370. They might get bonuses up to $3,045 and profit sharing up to $3,931. The hourly wage is reported to be between $15.70 and $99.20, while overtime pay is up to $87.50.

    The entry-level family therapist salary ranges between $30,514 and $58,467, while bonuses of up to $3,878 may be provided. The mid-career annual pay ranges between $34,290 and $67,964, with bonuses of up to $2,975. The experienced family therapist’s salary is between $38,465 and $78,791, with bonuses of up to $2,838. The late-career annual pay ranges from $36,882 to $88,590, with bonuses possibly reaching up to $5,106.

    Family therapist salary by city / state in the US

    The BLS reported that the highest family therapist’s salary in 2013 was in New Jersey, with employers compensating the therapists around $71,250. Wyoming ranked second as it paid therapists $64,270 and Nevada ranked third with its salary of $59,750. Family therapists working in Ohio and Hawaii were also among the top paying states as they paid a salary of $58,920 and $58,300, respectively.

    The bureau also showed that the Raleigh-Cary, NC metropolitan area is the top paying area with its family therapist’s salary of $80,310. The Salinas, CA area paid its therapists around $76,080, while the Reno-Sparks, NV area paid them around $73,840. The Newark-Union, NJ and Camden, NJ areas paid family therapists around $71,660 and $71,620 per year, respectively.

    Family therapist salary in Canada

    WowJobs Canada showed that the family therapist’s salary on the average is around C$56,216. Living In Canada cited that the typical salary for a full time family, marriage, and other related counselors ranges from C$50,000 to C$65,000. The highest paying city is Edmonton, Alberta with an average wage of C$38.38, while the lowest paying city is that of Fredericton, New Brunswick with its average wage of C$12.60. According to the 2011 Alberta Wage and Salary Survey, the average wage for a family therapist was between C$31.10 and C$41.61, while the main wage was C$37.02.

    Family therapist salary in Australia

    Based on the salary of a psychologist in Australia, a family therapist salary may also range between AU$44,496 and AU$86,480, with a median salary of AU$63,604. An entry-level psychologist or therapist earns between AU$41,677 and AU$79,204. A mid-career therapist earns more with their salary ranging from AU$48,375 to AU$99,041.

    According to Career Nav, a career resource site, the typical family therapist’s salary could range between AU$47,000 and AU$52,000. These therapists also work for 40 to 50 hours, spending most of their time sitting and listening to their patients with a growing demand in Australia. Travel is low and most of their work is spent indoors.

    Family therapist salary in the UK

    MySalary reported that the average family therapist’s salary is around £57,836. In the NHS, a psychotherapist, a group to which a family therapist belongs to, earns between £25,783 and £34,530. A psychotherapist trainee earns less, between £21,478 and £27,901, while a psychotherapist principal makes between £39,239 and £47,088 per year.

    Family therapist salary in South Africa

    According to PayScale, a psychologist in South Africa earns an average of R206,570. A family therapist’s salary could also be similar to the salary of a psychotherapist, which is around R480,072. Therapists who are in their first to fourth year of practice make around R240,00, while those who are in their tenth to 19th year earn an average of R588,000.

    How to become a family therapist

    To become a family therapist, one should have a master’s degree in psychology, marriage and family therapy, counseling, or social work. The degree often includes 2,000 to 4,000 hours of clinical internships. To get a license, which the District of Columbia and all 50 states in the US require, an aspiring family therapist must complete an examination. Annual continuing education is also required by the state. Getting a National Certified Counselors certification, provided by the National Board for Certified Counselors, will boost a therapist’s credentials and skills in handling clients. This can be obtained by completing a certification exam and a written exam. To keep the certification current, applicants must take a 100-hour continuing education or a re-examination every five years.

    Conclusion about family therapist salary

    The family therapist salary is around $51,690, but the highest earners make around $78,580 or more while the lowest earners take home $29,980 or less.

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