Doctor of physical therapy salary

  • Doctor of physical therapy’s salary is around $80,000 in the United States. Physical therapists help ill or injured people enhance their movement and deal with the pain. They usually work with patients for their rehabilitation and treatment, especially those with chronic injuries or conditions. They are often employed by private clinics and offices, nursing homes, and hospitals. Since they need to work out patients, they are usually on their feet. As of May 2012, the average doctor of physical therapy’s salary was around $79,860, or $38.39 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The bureau also projected a 36% increase in the demand for physical therapists from 2012 to 2022, due to the growing population of baby boomers and the increasing number of people with chronic conditions, such as obesity or diabetes. Keep reading for more information about doctor of physical therapy salary and career requirements.

  • Doctor of physical therapy job description

    The BLS defines the typical duties of a Doctor of Physical Therapy as including the task of reviewing the medical history of the patients and any notes or referrals from their previous surgeons or doctors. These doctors also diagnose the dysfunctional movements of the patients by watching them walk or stand and by asking them about their concerns. They also create a patient care plan, which includes the goals and expectations of the patients. Physical therapists help patients recover by using stretching maneuvers, exercises, hands-on therapy, and a variety of equipment to improve their mobility, ease the pain, promote health and wellness, and prevent the injury or condition from getting worse. They are also responsible for monitoring the progress of the patients, changing the treatment plan, and experimenting with treatment methods, as needed. It is also their duty to educate the patients and their family members on what they can do to deal with the patient’s condition and to support the recovery process.

    How much does a doctor of physical therapy make ?

    Average doctor of physical therapy salary

    As of May 2013, the BLS reports showed that the Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary is around $82,180. Their average wage is around $39.51.

    Doctor of physical therapy salary in the USA

    According to PayScale, the typical Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary ranges between $54,876 and $79,180 for a physical therapist. It increases to a salary ranging between $60,552 and $99,833 for a lead physical therapist, and a bit more to an annual pay ranging between $62,286 and $99,425 for a senior physical therapist. A staff therapist earns a Doctor of Physical Therapy salary ranging between $55,631 and $79,259, while a pediatric physical therapist makes between $45,302 and $78,707 per year.

    As for their hourly rate, a physical therapist earns around $33.70, while a lead physical therapist makes $35.02. A senior physical therapist gets paid $42.78 per hour, while a rehabilitation director makes $46.33 per hour.

    Based on their experience, the Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary for someone with less than a year’s experience is around $62,524. This increases to around $65,003 per year for someone with one to four years of experience and further, to about $72,481 per year, for a therapist with five to nine years of experience. As more time passes by, the Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary will increase even more. A physical therapist with 10 to 19 years in the business earns around $81,035 per year, while one with more than 20 years of experience makes $83,088 per year.

    Doctor of physical therapy salary by city/state in the US

    According to the BLS, the highest Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary was earned in Nevada in 2013 at $115,220. The second highest salary was $96,800 and was earned in Alaska. The other top paying states include California, where the physical therapist’s salary is around $91,330; Texas, $90,890; and New Jersey, $90,750.

    In comparing the Doctor of Physical Therapy salary by city, the Laredo, TX area got the number one spot with an annual pay of $126,410. The physical therapists in the Las Vegas-Paradise, NV area earned $124,060, while those working in the Brownsville-Harlingen, TX area made $114,090 per year. Those who are based in Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ and the Vallejo-Fairfield, CA areas earned $107,910 and $107,220 per year, respectively.

    Doctor of physical therapy salary in Canada

    The Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary for those working in Canada ranges from C$39,025 to C$80,897, according to PayScale. This excludes the bonuses that may be provided up to C$5,059 and profit sharing that ranges from C$112.50 to C$8,500. PayScale also showed their median salary to be C$59,576. Physical therapists also earn between C$28.85 and C$44.28 per hour. Every time they work overtime, they make C$7.89 to C$60.82 per hour.

    Based on their experience, the entry-level positions for this profession deserve a Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary ranging between C$34,735 and C$77,708. Those who are more experienced earn between C$42,574 and C$82,898 per year.

    Doctor of physical therapy salary in Australia

    Physical therapists in Australia make between AU$43,680 and AU$80,866. About 50% of them take home a Doctor of Physical Therapy salary of around AU$59,518. Aside from their basic salary, some of them may also get bonuses ranging from zero to AU$5,990. In this professional, they get paid between AU$24.08 and AU$44.48. Those who work overtime earn up to AU$61.59 per hour.

    Entry-level physical therapists earn a salary ranging from AU$42,130 to AU$76,451, while those in their mid-career positions take home between AU$50,102 and AU$84,929 per year. For the more experienced therapists, the Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary ranges between AU$49,014 and AU$95,343.

    Doctor of physical therapy salary in the UK

    Prospects, a UK jobsite, reported that the starting salary for physical therapists in the UK ranges between £21,176 and £27,625, as per the National Health Service’s rates. However, this can increase to a range between £25,528 and £34,189 for physical therapists or physiotherapists with a specialty. Those who are considered as advanced physiotherapists earn between £30,460 and £40,157 per year.

    According to the NHS, newly qualified physical therapists get 27 days off every year. They are required to work for 37.5 hours per week and usually from Monday to Friday.

    Doctor of physical therapy salary in South Africa

    The usual Doctor of Physical Therapy’s salary in South Africa ranges between R115,530 and R307,340, as per PayScale reports. The site also reported the median salary to be around R184,460 and the bonuses to be as much as R25,083. Their starting annual pay ranges from R115,812 and R293,792, plus a bonus of up to R18,383.

    How to become a doctor of physical therapy

    To become a Doctor of Physical Therapy, one needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree to get accepted into a Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Applicants will have a better chance of getting accepted if they gain relevant experience even during their undergraduate years. The program will be completed in three years and usually include courses covering basic sciences, clinical sciences, healthcare systems management, and professional development. There are also courses in physical modalities, movement science, neuroscience, clinical case management, clinical geriatrics, physical therapy procedures, and psychosocial adaptation.

    After completing the DPT program, one must complete a residency program that combines coursework and clinical experiences. During the residency, the potential physical therapists may choose a specialty, such as neuroscience or orthopedic.

    Those who want to become a physical therapist, one must first pass the National Physical Therapy. Certifications may also be taken through the ABPT. Those who want to get licensed should have put in at least 2,000 hours of clinical practice in their specialty area and a record of at least a quarter of what their experiences are.

    Conclusion about doctor of physical therapy salary

    The doctor of physical therapy salary is around $82,180, with the average wage being $39.51. The 95th percentile earn $113,340, the 75th percentile make $93,820; the 25th percentile earn $67,700; and the 10th percentile make $56,280.

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