Dental therapist salary

  • Dental therapist’s salary is around $70,000 in the United States. The practice of dental therapy can be considered a cross between dentists and dental hygienists. This job requires 2 years of training, similar to the basic training received by dentists. Indeed says that dental therapists are earning a salary of $85,000 a year on the average. Certain states have higher rates such as in New York and Washington, DC. Keep reading for more information about dental therapist salary and career requirements.

  • Dental therapist job description

    The main concern of dental therapists is to care for the oral health of patients. Work may require the supervision of a dentist. Some of their tasks may include the likes of filling cavities, performing surgical procedures, interpreting x-rays and providing educational services that concerns oral health. Depending on where they work, there may be some restrictions to the procedure they could perform. The dentist will often gauge the capability of the dental therapist and take into account his level of experience before allowing to perform more complex tasks.

    How much does a dental therapist make ?

    Average dental therapist salary

    BLS says that dental hygienists are earning an average salary of $71,530 or an equivalent wage rate of $34.39. The lower 10% recorded salaries less than the rate of $47,880 while the 90th percentile are making more than $96,690 in a year. Number of jobs is expected to increase by 33% from 2012 to 2022.

    Dental therapist salary in USA

    According to BLS, dental hygienists have a mean salary of $71,530 per annum in US. Indeed shows an average dental therapist salary of $85,000 a year. In PayScale, dental assistants recorded an average salary of $29,803 a year or an equivalent rate of $14 an hour. Basic salaries ranged from $19,742 to $42,348. One may be allowed to have a total pay of $21,200 to $42,551 with the inclusion of bonuses of $1,217, profit sharing of $197.10 to $3,915, and commissions of $99.16 to $2,430. In comparison, dental hygienists have a median pay of $50,670 or a wage rate of $31 an hour. Basic pay earned is from $29,726 to $73,310. Adding this to other cash incentives like bonuses of $2,074, profit sharing of $481.02 to $5,907, and commissions of $569 to $4,913 will give you a total pay of $41,662 to $86,487.

    Salary of dental therapist by state

    These are the top paying states for dental hygienists according to BLS: District of Columbia at $93,940; California at $93,920; Washington at $92,610; Nevada at $85,850; and Arizona at $81,220. Indeed showed these average salaries for dental therapists in some states: California at $92,000; Texas at $83,000; Washington, DC at 106,000; New York at $104,000; Massachusetts at $102,000; and Arizona at $71,000.

    Dental therapist salary in Canada

    WowJobs says that the average dental therapist salary in Canada is CA$71,353 per year. PayScale claims that dental hygienists are earning a median salary of $51,224 per annum or an equivalent rate of CA$35 an hour. Regular rates are somewhere in between the rates of CA$25.32 and CA$47.64 an hour while overtime rates are from CA$0.00 to CA$70.26. One may be allowed to receive basic salaries of CA$30,410 to CA$78,836. Total compensation is from CA$50,345 to CA$97,352, inclusive of bonuses of CA$2,007.

    Dental therapist salary in UK

    The National Careers Service says that dental therapist in UK is earning somewhere in between the rates of £21,200 and £27,500 a year. Those who are considered more experienced could be earning a salary of £35,000. The advanced practitioners and are already managing teams could earn as much as £40,000. In comparison, PayScale shows a median salary of £24,894 per annum or an equal wage rate of £25 an hour for dental hygienists. For regular hours, these are paid from £18.98 to £34.25 while extra hours are worth £0.00 to £34.02. Basic salaries ranged from £12,080 to £42,894 while total income is from £20,623 to £68,477, inclusive of bonuses of £2,013.

    Dental therapist salary in Australia

    MyFuture reveals that oral health practitioners in Australia are earning an average salary of AU$1250 per week or AU$65,000 a year excluding superannuation. Open Universities Australia says that dental hygienists, technicians and therapists have an average salary of AU$65,000 per annum. The average starting salary according to this website is AU$52,000 while senior employees are earning a mean salary of AU$75,000 annually. The top regions to work in are Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales.

    Dental therapist salary in South Africa claims that dental therapist in South Africa is earning salaries of R7,000 to R12,000 a month. While PayScale does not show the salaries earned by dental therapist in this country, a related job, dental assistant is said to have an average salary of R74,303 a year where basic salaries ranged from R36,365 to R121,078. Additional cash perks like bonuses of R9,287 will increase pay to the rates of R37,855 to R122,110.

    Dental therapist salary in New Zealand

    CareersNZ says the dental therapist working for district health boards start earning with the rates of NZ$41,000 to NZ$42,000 a year. Once one gains an experience of 2 to 6 years, rates will now be from NZ$47,000 to NZ$58,000. More than 6 years of experience coupled with the dental therapist taking on more responsibilities will have salaries anywhere in between the rates of $61,000 and $89,000. For dental therapist working in private practice, pay will vary depending on experience and place where they work but generally, they are paid from $30 and $60 an hour. ENZ on the other hand says that dental therapist is paid higher salary compared to dental assistant and hygienist. Newbies are said to have salaries more than the rate of NZ$40,000 while senior employees could make as much as NZ$90,000 annually.

    Dental therapist salary in India

    Currently, there is no sufficient data that reveals how much dental therapist is earning in India. However, PayScale does say that dentists in this country are earning an average salary of Rs 197,947 each year. The total income earned is Rs 70,074 to Rs 663,154 that already includes bonuses of Rs 82,434 and profit sharing of Rs 126,045.

    How to become a dental therapist

    In order to work as a dental therapist, you will need to enroll in a training program that will run for two years. In here, you will learn basic dental procedures, similar to what dentistry students receive during the start of their education. The only difference is that while dentists stay in school longer to study more complex tasks like performing a root canal procedure, dental therapist are not trained for these. They earn an associate or a bachelor’s degree after completing the program. License issued by the state to dental therapists are only good in this state.

    Conclusion about dental therapist salary

    Work as a dental therapist requires the ability to work with people and love for oral health. While this may not pay as high as a dentist, this may offer better rates compared to what a dental hygienist receives. Dental therapist salary is above average.

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