X-ray Technician Job Description

  • If you are interested to work in the medical field, but you have limited amount of money and time to invest in your training and education, becoming an x-ray technician may just be the right career for you. This job pays reasonably and offers many opportunities for career advancement.

  • As an x-ray technician, you will work directly with patients. This means that you will have the chance to make a positive difference on the patients’ lives. In this job, you need to have good bedside manner and technical expertise. As you advance in this career, you will learn how to analyze the results of the diagnostic test and report your findings to the rest of the health care team. In such cases, you will have a bigger role in the healing of the patient.

    The other reasons why many people are actually interested in this career is the salary, education requirements, and the career advancement opportunities. This job requires minimal educational investment. In fact, you need an associate’s degree to work as an x-ray technician. This job pays well, too. An x-ray technician works in a clinic, surgical center, hospital, and other health care facilities. With these settings, the job can be an exciting as well as fast paced. In addition, you get to interact with many people daily.

    Training and Educational Programs for X-ray Technicians

    Before you can become an x-ray technician, you will need to complete training as well as receive the proper credentials for the job. The first step to take is to choose and enroll in a training program. You can look for schools that offer formal training for a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree.

    X-ray Technician Job Description: What Happens Before, During and After the Procedure?

    An x-ray technician has an important role in the radiology department. According to the x-ray technician job description, their main role is to assist the radiologist with the process of acquiring images through a radiology machine. They take pictures of the body through utilizing several imaging methods. They are responsible for explaining the procedure to the patient in such a way that the patient understands. They also produce high quality images, which is crucial to physicians, as the images will be used to make the correct diagnosis of the patient.

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    The x-ray technician job description includes instructing the patients about the necessary preparations before undergoing the procedure. They prepare the patient for the diagnostic exam and read the notes of the doctor about why the diagnostic exam is performed. They instruct the patient to remove any metal or jewelry that they may be wearing. They ascertain the patient if the patient is claustrophobic. Moreover, they instruct the patient about the appropriate positions to ensure that accurate images are acquired. They are responsible for keeping the x-ray equipment in good working order. They obtain images on different body areas, as requested by the primary health care provider of the patient. They manage and keep track of the records of the patients. They assist the radiologist and the physician in the process of evaluating and understanding the images acquired.

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