X-ray technician salary

X-ray technician’s salary (shortly known as X-RAY tech salary) in the United States is around $55,730 per year and an hourly mean wage is about 26.80 per hour. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistic report, an X ray technician receives an annual mean salary ranging from between $36,510 and $76,850 and a mean hourly wage ranging between $17.55 and $36.95. About middle 50 percent of x-ray technicians earned a yearly salary between $36,510 and $76,850. The pay range for an x-ray technician is comparable to many other healthcare careers that need 4 years of degree completion. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job placement for x-ray technicians is high and one can get employed soon after their graduation. Keep reading for more information about x-ray technician salary, how much does x-ray technician earn hourly and annually.

How much does an x-ray technician make ?

Average x-ray technician salary

The median expected salary for an x ray technician in the United States is about $54,340 per year and an hourly wage is about $18 per hour. Check also some information about what does an x-ray technicians do.

X-ray technician salary in USA

The average salary for an x-ray technician in the US ranges from between $26,599 – $58,926 per annum and an hourly wage ranges from between $12.66 – $27.4 per hour. The hourly wage for an x-ray technician gradually increases from $16.41 – $37.52 per hour overtime. The yearly bonus for an x-ray technician is about $1,949.

x-ray technician salary in US, Australia and UK

x-ray technician salary

X-ray technician salary in Canada

According to payscale, the total annual salary for an x-ray technician in Canada ranges from between C$30,991 – C$75,503 and an yearly bonus ranges from C$200.00 – C$5,000 per annum. An average hourly wage for an x-ray technician ranges from between C$14.09 – C$32.45 per hour.                                                           

X-ray technician salary in Australia

An x-ray technician in Australia receives an annual salary ranging between AU$52,210 to AU$74,970. According to the Australian VHIA salary circular for health care professionals, it has been stated that annual salary for the x-ray technicians varies based on grade level and years of work experience. An average hourly wage for an x-ray technician ranges from AU$ 35.10 – AU$ 74.8 per hour. Based on grade level, the monthly salary for an x-ray technician ranges from AU$ 877.5 to AU$ 2,779.3 per month.

X-ray technician education

To become an x-ray technician, one should complete an entry level education (high school degree level knowledge in science and mathematics) and apply for the radiology programs like bachelor’s or an associate degree in radiology. The radiation degree program for an x-ray technician usually lasts for the duration of 1-4 years however the length of an education program can vary based on the type of certification in bachelor’s or associate’s degree. Read more about X-ray technician requirements and how to become x-ray tech.

Conclusion about x-ray technician salary

X-ray technician salary varies and depends on various factors such as specialization degree, geographical location, graduation from an accredited program, type of work setting like healthcare office, radiology clinic or organization, and topical work experience. The highest annual salary for an X-ray technician in the United States is more than $75,000 whereas those earning a median annual salary receive about $52,210.

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  1. peter zaree says:

    i just wanna know,its has 4 years or just 2 years only ,and how many classes i have to take 2 years ,and whats name of those classes ??

  2. Greendale Abides says:

    Hey Peter. I’m in a radiology program. Community College is 2 years with a summer semester in between. Hospital/University programs are 4 years.

  3. crystal lopez says:

    would enrolling into a trade school be a good idea for X-ray tech.. it’s only a two years program..

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