What is a veterinary technician

  • Whenever you drop off your pet at the veterinary hospital, it is not just the veterinarian who is involved in the care of your pet. The veterinary technician provides the veterinarian with all aspects of patient care and technical support that they need.

  • Where do veterinary technicians work

    He provides the front-line in animal care and ensures that the pets recover from the injuries that they have obtained and the illnesses that they have been diagnosed. He also makes sure that the pet maintains its good health. He works under the direction of the veterinarian and improves the welfare of dogs, cats, farm and zoo animals and exotic pets. It is his responsibility to make sure that they are as comfortable as possible especially during examinations and medical procedures.

    A veterinary technician combines elements of nursing, imaging, lab work and customer service.

    Duties of the veterinary technician

    – greets the owner and the pets and escorts them to the exam room.

    – listens and takes notes of the pet’s history and why they are at the vet

    – looks at the pet’s eyes and ears, listens to the heart and takes temperature. Passes all this information to the veterinarian.

    – conducts lab tests, checks for heartworm and Complete Blood Count (CBC), checks for parasites

    – takes the appropriate samples and uses high tech instruments to document the results for the veterinarian’s interpretation

    – conducts further testing if required, such as X-rays. Delivers the X-ray results to the veterinarian

    – runs the appropriate lab work and ensures that the equipment is ready for the veterinarian’s use

    How does the veterinary technician diagnose

    During the procedure, the veterinary technician monitors the pet’s heart and respiratory rate and closely monitors this. He also assists the veterinary surgeon during the procedure by passing the items and instruments needed by the surgeon. He will also be with the pet during its recovery from the anesthesia and responsible for administering the medication as directed by veterinarians, in order for the pet to manage the pain better. Veterinary technicians are trained to respond to the pet’s needs especially after the surgery.

    He provides first aid and nursing care and assists veterinarians during examinations and procedures. He conducts routine procedures like dental cleanings and immunizations and prepares the animals for surgery.

    Why should you become a veterinary technician

    You should become a veterinary technician because you can assist the veterinarian in performing surgery, diagnose and prescribe medications for the pets. This profession is perfect for animal loves with a passion for science. A career in becoming a Veterinary Technician is extremely rewarding because you could develop close and caring relationships with the animals and their owners.

    If you have attended a college program that is accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association, then you can pursue a career in becoming a veterinary technician. You should also take an exam that is offered by the state where you are thinking of working. This ensures that you can definitely take care of the pets of your clients once you become a qualified and certified veterinary technician.

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