Veterinary technician Job Description

  • Veterinary Technician Job Description: What Do  Veterinary Technicians Do ?

    A veterinary technician provides care and comfort to injured or sick animals. They work with licensed veterinarians. They are also referred to as an animal nurse. They perform their duties under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. However, the location where the work would take place can vary. In fact, a veterinary technician can work in various settings like animal shelters, pet hospitals, private practices, and independent laboratories. In addition, they also help animal research facilities, racetracks, zoos, rescue agencies, and boarding kennels.

  • What are the Primary Duties of a Veterinary Technician ?

    Based on the veterinary technician job description, the primary duties of a veterinary technician are centered on the client or on the lab. In the laboratory, the veterinary technician collects urine, stool, tissues, and blood samples for testing. They also perform laboratory tests like urinalysis, feline leukemia test, and blood counts. A technician may also take and develop x-rays of animals.

    In a surgical setup, the technician is responsible for sterilizing the instruments and the equipments that will be used. They assist the veterinarian in performing dental procedures and they prepare animals for surgery. They administer anesthesia to animals and euthanize seriously ill or injured animals.

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    When it comes to examination and treatment, the veterinary technician job description would include asking probing questions about the reasons for the visit. They record the case history and acquire details like weight and temperature of the animal. During examination and treatment procedure, they restrain and stabilize the animals. A veterinary technician may also perform routine procedures like trimming nails, expressing anal glands, and removing sutures. They administer vaccines, medications and treatments, which are prescribed by the veterinarian. They provide basic education to pet owners about animal care, medical conditions and animal nutrition. They teach the pet owners how to administer animal medications at home. They can also recommend products for optimal wellness like supplements, vitamins, dental cleaning, dietary measures, and flea control.

    When it comes to office management, the veterinary technician job description would include maintaining animal records as well as billing information. They prepare as well as label the medications that are to be sent home with the animals. They organize and clean the examination rooms. They organize, label, order, and restock supplies. When applicable, they may also feed, walk and bathe animals. In some cases, they also train new employees.

    Essential Skills and Qualities that a Veterinary Technician Must Possess

    A veterinary technician job description lists the duties that must be executed by the technician. However, the technician should also hold specific personality traits. The technician must be a good communicator. Since they work with a variety of pet owners, office staff, and animal doctors, they must be good in communicating. They must be able to communicate in a clear and meaningful way. They must also demonstrate compassion in frustrating and stressful situations. The technician must be detail oriented. They must stay focused and organized to avoid any mistakes. A veterinary technician must also be an animal lover. They must be passionate about the animals that they care and see on a daily basis.

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