Veterinary Technician Salary

  • Veterinary technician’s salary (shortly known as veterinary tech salary or vet tech salary ) widely varies all over the world and it depends on certain factors like veterinary work experience, education, employer, professional qualification, and geographical location. The salary of a veterinary technician has improved to some extent compared to last decade. Some of the well-reputed employers provide good employment opportunities to the veterinary technicians. These include animal care centres, professional colleges, scientific and research services, federal executive branch and social advocacy organizations. Keep reading for more information about veterinary technician salary, how much does veterinary technician earn hourly and annually.

  • What does a veterinary technician do ?

    A veterinary technician provides assistance to a veterinarian to fulfil both the basic and advanced needs of animal clients. In fact, the veterinary technician is the first person to handle the animal during its visit to the veterinary hospital or clinic. Their work includes clinical diagnosis and treatment of the medical diseases. They assist the veterinary surgeons during surgeries, perform medical tests, and maintain proper oral hygiene for their animal patients. In addition, they properly groom, administer the medications either by oral route or intravenous route, and provide nursing care.

    Veterinary technicians play a versatile role and they assist qualified veterinarians towards providing healthcare to the animals. Moreover, the veterinary technicians are generally required to specialize in treating the small animals, birds and larger animals as well. They should draw the blood and perform lab tests. They should determine the vitals, organize the patient records, develop x-rays, and provide advice to the pet owners regarding pet diet including lifestyle. Keep reading for more info about vet tech job description.

    How much does a veterinary technician make ?

    Average veterinary technician salary and wage

    Veterinary technician salary depends on various factors such as work experience, employer, geographical location and veterinary experience such as volunteering, internships to name a few. On an average, the salary for veterinary technician is about $28,920 annually or $13.90 per hour. However, the starting salary for new veterinary technicians may be around $18,840 per year or $9.06 per hour.

    Veterinary technician salary in USA

    According to the U.S. Bureau of labour Statistics, the salary of a veterinary technician for the year 2012 is as mentioned below:

    Median annual salary for a veterinary technician is $28,900. However, about 10 percent of them receive highest salary of about $41,490 or even more than that. About 50 percent of them receive $23,580 to $34,960 per year and about 10 percent of them receive less than $19,770.

    The salary of a veterinary technician (vet tech salary) varies based on their professional qualification. In fact, the veterinary technician can earn $9 to $18.25 per hour and overtime can receive $14.50 to $29.25 per hour. The annual salary is about $19,028 to $ 39,704 and the bonus may range from $98.25 to $2,000.

    The salary of a certified veterinary technician is from $10 to $18.50 per hour and overtime the hourly rate increases from $14.50 to $26. The annual salary is from $22,330 to $40,681 and the bonus may range from $99 to $2,000.

    The salary of a registered veterinary technician is about $10.75 to $23 per hour and overtime the hourly rate can be increased from $11 to $30.50. The annual salary ranges from $22,751 to $50,789 and the bonus may range from $74.50 – $2,000.

    Some of the top paying employers for veterinarian technicians are as follows:

    The Federal executive branch pays around $48,430 and the State government pays around $47,060. The pharmaceutical companies pay around $42,980 while the veterinary hospitals pay around $42,630. In addition, the medical and diagnostic laboratories pay around $40,960. Some of the highest paying states in US include New York, California, Connecticut, Alaska and Massachusetts.

    veterinary technician salary in US,UK and CAN
    veterinary technician salary

    Veterinary technician salary in Canada

    An average salary for a veterinary technician based in Canada ranges from between 19,551.78 CAD – 48,879 CAD per annum while an average hourly wage ranges from between 9 CAD – 28 CAD per hour.  A median salary for a veterinary technician averages to about 31,281 CAD per annum while a median wage is about 17.6 CAD per hour.

    Veterinary technician salary in UK

    Veterinary technicians earn around 24,259 pounds annually.

    Veterinary technician salary in Australia

    A veterinary technician is considered as veterinary nurse In Australia and the annual salary ranges from $25,000 to $40,000.

    Certified veterinary technician salary

    An average hourly wage for a newly certified veterinary technician in the United States ranges from between $10.24 – $18.57 per hour which gradually increases from $13.90 – $26.72 overtime. An average annual salary bonus of around $988 will be included and the total annual salary ranges from between $22,452 – $40,262. A certified veterinary technician receives various salary benefits such as: paid holidays / vacation: $23,297 – $39,335, 401(k): $23,289 – $48,479; paid sick leave: $32,073 – $39,675, dogs/pets at work: $30,756 – $37,656, and training/ certification reimbursement: $25,025 – $34,034. Read more about veterinary technician schools and certification.

    Veterinary technician education, training and certification

    Veterinary technicians should undergo two years of formal training as an entry-level education (after the completion of diploma). During the course of training, the candidates study about the animals theoretically as well as clinically in the lab. Graduated candidates from an accredited institution will qualify for the credentialing exams. Read more about educational requirements that veterinary techs need to met.

    Conclusion about veterinary technician salary

    A veterinary technician job is for people who care for animals and those who want to pursue their dream job. In fact, the veterinary technician’s job is highly rewarding and provides more fulfilment when served with dedication. Despite these facts a veterinary techician salary is aproximately  $36,681 in average.

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