What is an ultrasound technician

  • An ultrasound technician, also called sonographers or medical sonographers, operate the tools and equipment that are used to general sound waves and create images of the internal structures of the body. An ultrasound technician commonly works at the obstetrics and diagnoses medical conditions. He trains through an associate’s degree program.

  • How does an ultrasound technologist diagnose

    An ultrasound technologist has the privilege and responsibility of administering ultrasound. This is a technology that makes dynamic and detailed images of the body’s internal organs through frequency sound waves. Bouncing these sounds off these body’s tissues, an ultrasound technology creates images of organs that detects and documents.

    Ultrasound is non-invasive and it uses no radiation or dyes. It is safe to be used by anyone and with everyone, including the elderly, expectant mothers and children. Physicians rely on the images that are captured by the skilled professionals and diagnose and treat the patients in order to track their pregnancies.

    Ultrasound technician duties

    – performs duties that produce results like that of other diagnostic imaging fields such as MRI machines and X-rays. The difference is that ultrasound is commonly used for pregnant women who wish to view their fetus.

    – trained to operate ultrasound equipment

    – looks for abnormal problem areas in the image that is procured

    – ensures that the image is clear for the doctor and other medical staff so that they can make an accurate diagnosis

    – obtains measurement, performs calculations and evaluates the result

    Where do ultrasound technicians work

    The hospitals employ the majority of the professionals and ultrasound technicians work at physicians’ offices and outpatient diagnostic clinics. Low lighting is needed for a number of ultrasound procedures. This explains why ultrasound procedures and pre-scheduled during regular business hours but the expertise of a technologist is needed for an emergency during off-hours.

    Why should you become an ultrasound technician

    Bachelor’s degree and certificate programs are also available for those who wish to pursue a career in this field.  Employers prefer hiring an ultrasound technician who has various professional certifications. These are available in various specialties.

    Training to become an ultrasound technician is done through formal education programs or military training. The most common training is obtaining an associate’s degree program but there are also bachelor’s degrees and 1-year certificate programs that are available for anyone who wish to venture down this path. These programs can be found at technical/vocation schools, community colleges and universities.

    Becoming an ultrasound technician allows you to be trained in human anatomy, ultrasound equipment, obstetrics and pathophysiology. You will also complete clinical education at various designated hospitals. This is required by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS) for anyone who wishes to take the registration examination for school.

    With an educational background and experience, ultrasound technicians have the opportunity to cross over to other medical imaging specialties. They can even go directly to patient care jobs, as long as they acquire the additional education and training. They can also choose to go the administrative route and go for managerial and supervisory roles.

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