Ultrasound technician Job Description

  • There are several kinds of medical imaging techniques that are used to diagnose health disorders and abnormalities. These imaging techniques include x-ray, magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, and ultrasounds. An ultrasound technician makes use of an ultrasound machine. This machine is non-invasive imaging equipment that emits sound waves towards internal organs and structures inside the body. The technician makes use of this specialized technology to capture still images of the body organs. Aside from this, they are also responsible for interpreting the images and they assist the rest of the health care team in diagnosing the patient’s condition. Keep reading for more information about what do ultrasound technicians do.

  • How Does a Technician Operate the Ultrasound Equipment ?

    Ultrasound technicians are also referred to as diagnostic sonographer. The ultrasound technician job description will involve operating machines or equipments known as sonographic scanners. A sonographic scanner features a hand-held scanning unit, which directs the sound waves into a specific body area. The machine will translate the echoes created by the bouncing sound waves and the machine will create the images. The images will appear on a screen that comes with the machine.

    Specializations of an Ultrasound Technician

    Before the start of an ultrasound session, the technician will explain the procedure to the patient. In addition, the technician will also explain the program to the patient. He or she will adjust the scanner for the specific procedure indicated to be performed on the patient. An ultrasound technician may create a video or acquire still images during the procedure. The technician will be the one to decide which still images to capture and show the primary health care provider of the patient. The still images are known as sonograms. The sonograms will be used for diagnostic purposes. An ultrasound technician may works as a specialist in obstetric and gynecologic sonography, neurologic sonography, cardiac sonography, breast sonography, and abdominal sonography.

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    Ultrasound Technician Job Description: What Happens Before, During and After the Procedure?

    An ultrasound technician performs more than just simply operating the ultrasound equipment. The ultrasound technician job description will involve interacting with the patient as well as the rest of the health care team. They may work in hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, doctor’s clinics, outpatient care facilities, and other health care sites. He or she is responsible in explaining to the patient about the procedure and the purpose of the procedure. The ultrasound technician job description also involves answering the questions that the patients have regarding the procedure. They maintain the ultrasound equipment. They are the ones who sterilize and disinfect that room where the procedure will take place. During the procedure, they spread the ultrasound gel on the surface of the body where the internal organ to be viewed is located. After this, they perform the procedure. They make use of a transducer or a probe. This device captures the images in different angles. They evaluate the images captured for their quality and interpret them. They are also the ones responsible for presenting the images as well as the preliminary findings to the primary health care provider and the rest of the health care team. They maintain patient records as well as add medical notes that are related to the ultrasound procedure.

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