Ultrasound technician Certification and Degree

  • Regardless of the training level, students learn how to become a certified ultrasound technician through classroom and laboratory work. Graduates of the ultrasound technician programs prepare to take a test for an ultrasound technician certification and degree. A license may also be required by the state where the ultrasound technician will practice. If you are interested in becoming a certified ultrasound technician, you need to verify the requirements, as they can actually vary from one state to another. Some of the prerequisites in getting ultrasound technician certification and degree include a high school diploma or a GED, field experience, and a field related course work.

  • Getting an Associate Degree in Ultrasound Technology

    An ultrasound technician certification and degree is commonly offered at the associate level. Schools offering this program may award the degree as an Associate of Arts, Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science. In this program, the student will learn how to operate the machine or the diagnostic imaging equipment. This equipment makes use of sound waves to capture still images of the patient’s body organs. The patient’s primary health care provider will use the images to diagnose health conditions, study the internal body organs, and monitor fetal growth. Those who complete this program may qualify to take certification exams. This program takes about two years to complete.

    Some states would oblige ultrasound technicians or sonographer to obtain licensure. The licensing requirements may vary per state. Acquiring professional certification may satisfy the requirements in some states.

    Getting Bachelor’s Degree in Ultrasound Technology

    An ultrasound technician has the option to take this program. This ultrasound technician certification and degree is offered as a Bachelor of Science. However, this program may be called differently in each school. Like the associate programs, the students enrolled in this program learn how to operate the imaging equipment through classroom as well as practical training. The course work for this program may be more comprehensive compared to the course work of the associate degree, as this would take four years to complete.

    Getting an Ultrasound Technician Certificate

    Even though certificate programs are actually available for those individuals that do not have any experience or previous training in ultrasound technology, most of the programs under this category are geared towards those people with prior training in this field. Several of these programs actually focus on specialty areas within the field of ultrasound technology. The specialty areas include the abdomen, vascular, obstetrics and gynecology, and echocardiography. For specialty areas, a special ultrasound technician certification is provided. This program takes about a year to complete, depending on the area of expertise chosen.

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