Sterile processing technician job description

  • What is a sterile processing technician?

    While most of the healthcare workers are essential, sterile technicians are considered fundamental in the health field due to the sheer amount of importance they have. Being a sterilizing technician might not be glamorous or appealing to some, but someone working in the medical field would know how important they are in saving lives and running a healthcare institute.

  • A person who passed the course would be equipped with the knowledge of various medical instruments and the protocols that needs to carried out for a safe environment. This knowledge is used in plenty during the day to day work.

    Sterilizing duty of a sterile processing technician

    A sterile processing technician has to sterilize and assemble various equipment needs for the medical procedures and at the same time keep the operating environment clean and healthy. All these sanitization process should be done with the epitome level of concentration as the margin for error for a sterilization technician is none.

    The day to day works could include cleaning and sterilizing equipment, operating and monitoring steam autoclaves, and sonic washers etc., recording sterilization results, organizing the instruments for surgery.

    Work culture of a sterile processing technician

    Technicians will be working in various places like the hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office, and other health care institutes with the primary aim of keeping the sensitive parts of the working environment safe and sanitized.

    Technicians will also be responsible for taking the inventory and ordering the various equipment needs for medical procedures. Regular checks on whether the instruments and equipment are working properly or not should also be carried out.

    Salary and other career optionsavailable for sterile processing technicians

    According to various reports, the sterile technicians can expect a job growth ranging from 15%-21% in the next decade while the average salary for them is around $30,820 per annum according to the recent U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports. This expected growth in this field is actually a great leap from the 14 percent average which is predicted for all occupations.

    O*Net report suggested that around 47,000 people were employed as sterilization technicians in the year 2008 and the number is predicted to grow in the coming years. This growth will be mainly because of the aging of the population and the major advancements in the technology field. Check also sterile processing technician educational requirements and training.

    Another career option for the students who completed sterile technician course is to become a clinical medical assistant. It is the job of performing routine tasks in the hospital. This might include checking the patients for vital signs and helping the doctors in examining process.

    Taking out stiches, giving shots, sterilizing medical equipments, changing dressings on wounds are the other responsibilities of the clinical medical assistant. Some medical assistants can even specialize in various fields and take posts such as Podiatric, Optometric, and Ophthalmic medical assistants.

    On job training is a great way to get the career started as a sterilizing technician and it would get a more noticeable resume as well. This usually consists of going of safety procedures since the technician would be regularly working with sharp instruments which are contaminated with biohazards and blood.

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