Sterile processing technician salary

Sterile processing technician’s salary (shortly known as sterile processing tech salary )is basically determined by several variables such as certification from an accredited program, level of experience, advanced certifications, geographic location and employment setting. According to the BLS salary reports, the median salary for a sterile processing technician is around $40,950 per annum. The annual salary for the top 10 percent sterile processing technicians is more than $59,150, while the lowest 10% of them earned less than $28,860 per year. BLS reports based on the type of work setting include: $47,900 per annum as paid by the professional schools or universities; $44,730 per year as paid by the outpatient care centers; Hospitals offered $47,860; and physician offices offered $44,860 per annum. Have you ever wondered “How much does a sterile processing technician earn ?  . How much does he earn hourly and how much annualy ? If your answer was “Yes” , keep reading for more information about sterile processing technician salary.

What does a Sterile Processing Technician do ?

Sterile processing technicians, also called as surgical technologists, are the healthcare professionals who work as part of the operation theater team. Sterile processing technicians operate the sterilizing equipment called as autoclave that sterilizes the surgical instruments, gloves, needles including the equipment used in Operation Theater. Sterile processing technicians are responsible for arranging the surgical equipment including the drape material, arranging the operating room equipment including the medical consumables and supplies. The job of a sterile processing technician includes checking, assembling, and adjusting the medical tools to ensure that the surgical devices are functioning well. Find out more about sterile processing technician job description.

How much does a sterile processing technician make ?

Average sterile processing technician salary

The average expected wage and annual salary for a sterile processing technician in the United States is around $19.57 per hour and $40,710 per annum.

Sterile processing technician salary and wage  in USA

An average starting hourly wage for a sterile processing technician in the United States ranges from between $9.88 – $18.26 per hour which gradually increases by $1.98 – $27.96 overtime. An average annual salary bonus of around $995 will be included and the total annual salary ranges from between $20,845 – $39,931.

Based on years of work experience according to BLS reports, an average yearly salary for a sterile processing technician is as follows: One with less than 1 year of work experience earns from between $19,100 – $32,500; while the one with 1-4 years earns from $21,815 – $42,000 per annum; one with 5 to 9 years earns from $21,225 – $41,571 per annum; and the one with more than 20 years of work experience receives from $37,000 – $54,000 per year.

According to the BLS, some of the best paying states for the sterile processing technicians in the United States include: California $70,260, Nevada $53,990, Minnesota $55,000, Massachusetts $50,500 and Colorado $79,540 per annum.

sterile processing technician salary in US and Canada

sterile processing technician salary

Sterile processing technician’s wage and salary in Canada

An average starting hourly wage for a sterile processing technician in Canada ranges from between C$11.84 – C$24.77 per hour that averages to a total annual salary ranging from between C$24,793 – C$50,854. In addition, an average yearly bonus of about C$300.50 will be added to the annual salary package.

Sterile processing technician wage and salary in UK

According to all salary survey, the average expected salary for a sterile processing technician in the United Kingdom is about £14,078 per annum whereas the median salary is about £13,233 per year. An average hourly wage for a sterile processing technician is around £7.04 per hour. A sterile processing technician’s salary varies based on his or her age as the one in 20s earns up to £10,559, in 30s earns about £13,797, in 40s and in 50s earns about £16,331 per annum.

Sterile processing technician wage and salary in Australia

The average hourly wage for a sterile processing technician in Australia ranges from between AU$ 13 – AU$ 20 per hour. The annual salary for a third level technician ranges from between AU$ 51,474 – AU$54,545 which can gradually increase to a salary ranging from between AU$ 64,318 – AU$69,876 per annum.

Conclusion about sterile processing technician salary

According to percentile statistics, the median wage and salary for 90th percentile sterile processing technicians has been around $28.44 per hour and $59,150 per year. Similarly, about 75th percentile of sterile processing technicians received $23.42 per hour and $48,710 per annum, 25th percentile of them received $16.32 and $33,950, while 10th percentile received $13.87 and $28,860 per year.

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10 Responses to Sterile processing technician salary

  1. Anthony Lima says:

    I would like to become a SPD Tec . How do I go to be come a Tec . Schools , cost and duration .

    • Feel free to get more information about educational requirements of SPD tech, you may check out free information here.

    • Sally says:

      Why? To be at the bottom of the totum pole. Be something more rewarding, don’t waste your time.

      • vicky says:

        Well that’s belittling to say. Sterile processing technicians aren’t on the bottom of the “totum” pole. Successful surgery is only done by a team, it feels great to be apart of that. Whether the surgery is life threatening or simple your apart of a team helping someone. That sounds rewarding to me.

    • VICTOR says:

      Easiest way for me was applying at a hospital for the position and after a yr of experience the hospital paid for my testand now I’m certified but dont make all that cash they saying. I’m at $14.99 and hour but i do get shift and wknd differential wich is good.Its a great experience because you are a team,without sterile process theres no clean instruments for the operate and do their thing, so we all need each other from the maintance crew to management.

  2. Brenda J. Jones says:

    Thanks for the accurate information concerning sterile processing salaries. I am excited about attending Malcolm X College in the spring of 2014. Their sterile processing program has rave reviews.

  3. Ivana R. says:

    I am interested in this field, I will give a try.

  4. Lilly Jones says:

    what about the colledge requirements?

  5. Jessica Lee says:

    Martinson College offers Sterile Processing Technician Certification classes – online and in the classroom. Visit They are pretty cheap compared to others I’ve seen.

    I know people who have been working in SPD and are very happy with the work and the work environment. It is a specialized profession, and they do play a crucial part in the healthcare environment. For a short course also, the pay is competitive and there are job openings for SPD techs right now.

  6. Donna says:

    Wow, I wish I would have seen this last year:-) This is in response to the comments of CSPD techs being at the bottom of the totum pole.
    You are only at the bottom of the totum pole if you if you hate the career you are in NO MATTER WHAT YOUR SALARY IS! You have to love what you do because if you dont no amount of money will make you happy. So with that being said I LOVE MY JOB! I love knowing that what we do makes a difference in peoples lives. I went from being a tech, to a lead and now I am the dept Educator and love teaching to others what I know.

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