Sonogram Technician Schools

  • Prerequisite needs and procedures for becoming a sonogram technician

    Before applying for a sonar technician course, the student should have completed high school diploma. Previous knowledge from classes like physics, math, chemistry, computer and most importantly biology will prove to be helpful. Familiarity in using computers is also another recommended trait for students who want to become an sonogram technician.

  • Students who are interested to take up nursing duties and have great communication skills will fit in well into the course. Basic knowledge of sonography and how it works is somewhat necessity as it would become part of your daily routine after attaining a job.

    Most of the schools will be looking to mold students with such interest into credible sonogram technicians throughout the training process.

    Choosing a correct Accreditation program

    Choosing a program with the proper accreditations is the next step. Sonogram technicians are supposed to complete an associate’s degree or post graduated certificate program. Employers will not be interested in hiring someone who did a program that was not accredited. The accreditation is offered by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

    Those who want to pursue an online course should make sure that the enrolling program should be accredited by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

    Institutes offering courses in sonogram technology

    The sonogram technician training is offered by community colleges, hospitals, universities, vocational schools and the armed forces. There are numerous schools that provide the course.

    Newman University in Wichita, KS, ranked 72nd on the top nursing anesthesia programs,  University of Oklahoma in Norman, OK which is ranked 25th for public health programs, Seattle University in Seattle, WA which is ranked sixth among the West region are three of the top schools which provide sonography technician training.

    At the Newman University, Bachelor of Science in sonography programing is offered, which trains the student to use ultrasound techniques to examine cardiac, abdominal and vascular parts of the patient. While the University of Oklahoma gives an undergraduate degree in sonography. This associates medical imaging and radiation science along with the desired program.

    After choosing the school, the student is recommended to take a personal tour through the campus and meet the faculty in detail. Checking the sonar equipment used to teach the students will be a great thing to do as the school surroundings and facilities will have a big impact on the student during and after the course. Getting the right school and picking the most suitable teachers is crucial for reaching the career goals so the initial study about the possible schools will be a worthy one.

    The programs offered by the mentioned schools take two or four years to complete or can also be done as part of the in – house on the job. Signing up for a nursing degree alongside the ultrasound technology is a shortcut to boost the resume and earn some extra pay.

    Some of the schools even provide specializations in various medical aspects like heart health, abdominal sonography, gynecology, pregnancy, and many others. All these specializations have different needs, but would be supervised by doctors throughout the ultrasound process.

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