Scrub tech schools

  • Scrub techs, or surgical technologists, assist surgeons in operating rooms. They prepare the necessary supplies and medical instruments for the procedure and help prepare patients for the surgery. Those who aspire to be a scrub tech can enroll in online surgical technology training. There are 1-year certificate programs and 2-year associate degree programs.

  • More About Online Surgical Tech Programs

    Some online surgical technology certificate programs are offered as refresher programs. Curriculums are designed with the assumption that students have previous training and experience as scrub techs. These programs are meant to teach students about the changes and new developments in the field of surgical technology.

    Associate degree programs in surgical technology do not require students to have educational or on-the-job experience. Instead, they are designed to provide initial training to the students. These online training programs aim to gear students up for taking licensure and certification exams. State requirements regarding the license and certification of the scrub techs vary.

    Even if the surgical tech program is offered online, students can still get practical training. These accredited online schools require students to report to the school for hands-on training.

    Those who decide to enroll online need a reliable computer and high-speed Internet connection. Some programs may require students to buy additional software to start the online classes.

    Accredited online colleges have surgical tech programs that cover subjects, such as surgical technology, pathology and disease, pharmacology, information technology, general psychology, microbiology, and sociology.

    The good news is that aspiring scrub techs who decide to complete the program online can still maintain their day job or other commitments. In fact, choosing an online education allows the students to study straight from home at their own pace. They can also save money by not having to pay for boarding and travel.

    Top Schools to Consider for those interested in surgical technology

    There are many schools offering programs in surgical technology. But here are the top three options for those who are looking for highly ranked institutions:

    1. Pennsylvania College of Technology

    This is located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They ranked 10th among the country’s best public schools and 36th among the northern region’s best regional colleges, both in 2012, according to the US News & World Report. They offer an Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) in Surgical Technology as well as a Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Sciences with a focus on surgical technology, under the School of Health Sciences.

    1. University of Arkansas in Fort Smith

    The University of Arkansas ranked 73rd among the south’s best regional colleges and 14th among the public schools in the region, according to the US News & World Report. They offer an AAS in Surgical Technology that combines classroom, laboratory, and surgical suite training in preparation for certification. The university also offers career services, assisting students in finding internships while in school or jobs after graduation.

    1. Montana Tech of the University of Montana

    This outreach campus of the University of Montana is based in Butte, Montana. In 2012, they ranked 6th among the top colleges in the West, according to the US News & World Report. They offer AAS in Surgical Technology, along with the University of Montana’s College of Technology based in Missoula, Montana. Students actually enroll themselves in an online class offered by the Missoula campus. However, lab and clinical classes are offered at Montana Tech.

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