How to become a radiology technician

  • Radiology technician Requirements

    Read following requirements to become a radiology technician. To become a radiology technician, the candidate requires an entry level education (GED certificate or high school diploma in biology, math, physics, and chemistry). The radiology student should then complete 2 years of associate’s degree from an accredited program in a school or hospital to become a radiology technician. The candidate should undergo 2 years of radiology training and become a registered radiologic technician by the A.R.R.T followed by certification. Keep reading for more information about how to become a radiology technician.

  • Radiology technician Training

    If the candidate selects a 2 year radiology program from a community school, then one should undergo hands on training and complete the class work which usually lasts for a duration ranging between 21-24 months. In contrary, if the candidate obtains certificate and license from bachelor’s degree, then one should complete a further study of 2 years in order to specialize from a radiology school. To gain radiology experience, one should master the basics and undergo advanced training.

    how to become a radiology technician in USA
    how to become a radiology technician

    Radiology technician Certification

    A radiology technician should complete a radiology course and receive a voluntary certificate in radiology from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). In general, a radiology technician should obtain a radiology degree from a school or hospital and the radiology program should be accredited by the ARRT. The student should obtain a certificate in radiology on completion of exams by the ARRT and receive a state license followed by registration.

    Radiology technician Degree

    An aspiring radiology technician can obtain a graduation degree in radiologic technology from an accredited degree school or university that usually lasts for up to 1 to 4 years. The candidate then qualifies for the examinations conducted by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) upon graduation from a radiology program. On obtaining license, the radiology technician can specialize in various other radiology fields like cardiovascular intervention, Radiotherapy, and CT.

    How much does a radiology technician earn ?

    The annual salary for a highest paid radiology technician is around $90,000 while the lowest paid radiology technician receives around $30,000 per year. Read more about Radiology technician salary.

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