Radiology technician salary

  • Radiology technician’s salary (shortly known as radiology tech salary) in the United States ranges from $24,000 – $36,000 per annum. The average annual salary for a radiology technician with a bachelor’s degree and continuing education is around $63,000 while a yearly salary for a radiology technician holding a fellowship degree is around $350,000. Radiology technicians with less than 2 years of work experience receive an average annual salary of about $35,000. In addition, radiology technicians can benefit from paid vacations, paid sick leave, standard insurance plan that offers medical coverage and many more as part of their annual salary package. Is radiology technician salary one of the highest ? When you keep reading, you will find out.

  • What does a radiology technician do ?

    Currently, the radiology technician job is at a higher demand than before and according to the BLS, the jobs for the radiology technicians is more likely to increase by 17 percent by the year 2018. The job of a radiology technician includes arranging a patient for radiological exam, developing x-ray films, operating imaging equipment, and producing radiographs for medical diagnostic purpose. It is a radiology technician’s duty to prevent radiation accidents, radiation exposure of patients, to evaluate the radiographs, record the medical findings and reporting to the consultant physician. Read more about Radiology Technician job description.

    How much does a radiology technician make a year ?

    Average radiology technician salary

    The median expected yearly salary for an average radiologic technician in the United States is about $48,619.

    Radiology technician salary in USA

    Based on percentiles, the median yearly salary for 90th percentile of radiology technicians has been around $57,482. Similarly, about 75th percentile of radiology technicians received $53,259, 25th percentile of them received $44,565 while 10th percentile received $40,873 per year. According to the bureau of labor statistics, a radiology technician in US receives an average hourly wage of about $26.13 per hour. The highest salary for the 10 percent of the radiology technicians is around more than $76,850 whereas the lowest 10 percent of them received less than $36,510 per year.

    radiology technician salary in Canada, UK and USA
    radiology technician salary

    Radiology technician salary in Canada

    An average annual salary for a radiology technician in Canada ranges from C$65,000 – C$75,000 and an average hourly wage ranges from C$18.50 to C$44.89 per hour. According to payscale Canada, a radiology technician receives an average yearly salary ranging from between C$10,137 – C$91,728. In addition, a radiology technician receives his or her total earnings ranging from between C$30,773 – C$94,272 per annum.

    Radiology technician salary in Australia

    An average annual salary for a radiology technician in Australia is about AU$40,000. According to payscale Australia, a radiology technician receives an average yearly salary ranging from between AU$35,317 – AU$90,042 per hour. In addition, a yearly bonus of about AU$4,966 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a radiology technician receives his or her total earnings ranging from between AU$35,746 – AU$88,575 per annum.

    Difference between radiology technician VS radiologic technologist

    Radiologic technologist is a full fledged license professional while a technician is very limited license. One works in a hospital and can go into the OR do fluoro, go into interventional, cath lab etc, while the other is limited to body parts at local clinics and imaging center.

    Radiology technician education

    An aspiring radiology technician should complete an entry level education (high school degree) and complete 2 years of radiology program in a community school. Alternatively, the candidate can also prefer to complete 4 years of bachelor’s degree from a school or university that is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT). This is followed by a certification and licensure on completion of Radiology Technician Degree.  Read more about How to become a radiology technician.

    Conclusion about radiology technician salary

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for a radiology technician is about $54,180 and a highest salary of about $64,800 is received by those employed in the scientific research industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a radiology technician is around more than $50,000 per annum.

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