Psychiatric technician schools

  • A psychiatric technician will be responsible for dealing with mentally, emotionally or developmentally disabled patients. The technicians will guide and supervise these patients throughout their daily routine and help them in many ways. Since it’s a demanding and important job, finding the right school is a necessity.

  • The students might reach their goal through certificate or an associate degree and programs for these are available in both 2 year colleges and year colleges. And will be provided commonly through the school’s health science or human service department.

    Prerequisites for becoming a psychiatric technician

    Majority of the schools that offer certificate programs for becoming a psychiatric technician asks for a high school graduation and the completion of some kind of college level prerequisite courses. The courses at college level can be introductory of college mathematics, college writing, human anatomy, psychology.

    These requirements tend to change from state to state While some states like Colorado, Kansas and California allow students to take up the course only after certification exam when some other states only requires a school diploma or associate degree. Also, the applicants should produce documentation showing that he or she doesn’t have any criminal background along with the physical examination.

    Top schools offering psychiatric technician courses

    Some of the top schools which offer the psychiatric technician course include Sinclair Community College in Dayton in Ohio, Cypress College in Cypress, California and Williston State College in Williston, North Dakota.

    The Sinclair community college offers an associate degree of applied science in metal heath technology along with the other option of doing an associate degree program that focuses on chemical dependency.

    Cypress College in Cypress on the other hand offers an associate degree in Science program and a certificate for those who want to become a psychiatric technician. However, Cypress College has a filtering system in which they only admit 24 applicants each semester.

    Williston State College has programs in mental health and addiction technology. Through this program, the students could pursue a certificate or an associate degree in Applied science. One big attraction of the Williston state College is that they also provide residential housing for the students through the course period.

     Most of the schools don’t provide online course psychiatric technicians due to the nature of the   course. However, part time courses which run evening classes and weekend classes are available for the desiring student.

    Some of the common courses covered by every school include treatment of psychiatric disorders, substance abuse, case management, medication administration, and pharmacology.

    Alongside this, all schools equip the student with the ability to deal with the varying range of patients. Interpersonal communication skills is a necessary trait for the psychiatric technician since they have to deal with unstable patients on a day to day basis for the course of their career.

    Once a student figures out what college he or she is to be enrolled in, taking a tour through the surroundings and meeting the faculty would be a good thing. The resources available in the college and the efficiency of the teachers could be a big factor throughout the course.

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