Psychiatric technician salary

  • Psychiatric technician’s salary (shortly known as psychiatric tech salary) in the United States averages between $25,400 and $33,100 per year. The hourly wage for an experienced psychiatric technician is about $20.28 per hour. The hourly wage for the upper 10 percent of psychiatric technicians is about $28.00 per hour which averages for more than $50,140 per year. In contrary, the hourly wage for the lowest 10 percent of them is less than $9.00 per hour which contributes to an annual salary of less than $18,140. In addition, job benefits and base pay can provide an annual compensation of about $44,000. Keep reading for more information about psychiatric technician salary , how much does psychiatric technician earn hourly and annually, what is his job description ,training and certification.

  • Psychiatric technician job description

    A psychiatric technician deals with patients presenting with various psychiatric illnesses or developmental disabilities. The job for an entry level psychiatric technician is to provide care for patients, assist them in grooming, accompany a psychiatrist during group counseling sessions, administering medications, interviewing the clients, instructing patients to maintain proper hygiene, monitoring patient’s medical parameters, and maintaining psychiatric records.

    How much does a psychiatric technician make ?

    Average psychiatric technician salary and wage

    The median expected salary for a psychiatric technician in the United States is about $29,109 per year and an hourly wage is about $14.77 per hour.

    Psychiatric technician salary in USA

    On an annual basis, the average yearly salary for a psychiatric technician is $30,730 and the salary depends on education level, experience, and location. A well-experienced psychiatric technician earns more than $37,700 per annum. The hourly wage for a top paid psychiatric technician is more than $24.11 per hour while the one with a lowest paid hourly wage is about $8.72 per hour.

    Based on percentiles, the median yearly salary for 90th percentile of psychiatric technicians has been around $37,903. Similarly, about 75th percentile of psychiatric technicians received $33,712, 25th percentile of them received $25,666 while 10th percentile received $22,531 per year.

    Some of the states to receive a best salary include California $51,110, New Jersey $43,600, Rhode Island $39,670, District of Columbia $42,550, and Oregon $37,730.

    psychiatric technician salary in US,UK and CAN
    psychiatric technician salary

    Psychiatric technician salary in Canada

    The annual salary for a psychiatric technician in Canada is about $48,000.

    Psychiatric technician salary in Australia

    The annual salary for a psychiatric technician in Australia is about AU$28,000.

    How to become a psychiatric technician ?

    Psychiatric technician training

    A psychiatric training program requires an entry level education (a high school diploma or GED) that lasts for the duration of about 14 months. A psychiatric technician should undergo a training program that combines the classroom lectures with an internship and research experience. The psychiatric technician training program mainly aims at teaching the candidates about providing an effective psychiatric support to more number of clients and about treating the patients by applying psychiatric knowledge based on various psychiatric illnesses.

    Psychiatric technician certification

    The certification for psychiatric technicians consists of 4 certification levels and certification can be obtained from the AAPT. A student with a GED or high school diploma is eligible for Level 1 certification, the Level 2 certification can be obtained with 1 year work experience, Level 3 certification requires completion of 2 years of psychiatric health experience, and Level 4 certification can be obtained by a bachelor’s degree and 3 years of psychiatric work experience.

    Conclusion about psychiatric technician salary

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and occupational employment statistics, the annual salary for a psychiatric technician averages to about $30,730 and an hourly wage is about $9.61 per hour. In addition, a yearly bonus of about $1,017 will be offered.

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