Phlebotomy technician salary

Phlebotomy technician’s salary  (shortly known as a phlebotomy tech salary ) according to the US PayScale is around $26,790 per year and an average hourly wage is about $8 per hour. Overtime, the total salary including an annual bonus ranges between $22,414 and $33,727 per year. A phlebotomy technician’s salary is greatly influenced by the practical experience, qualification, work place and employer type. The average hourly wage for a certified phlebotomy technician ranges from $10.46 to $15.14 and can increase from $13.28 to $21.65 per hour overtime. Apart from receiving an attractive income, well-trained phlebotomists benefit more as the employers offer tuition assistance for their education and offer payment when their employees are off-work. Read more about phlebotomy technician salary, phlebotomy technician certification and training.

What does a phlebotomy technician do ?

Phlebotomy technicians are also called phlebotomists and they play a significant part in the field of health care. Although phlebotomy is relatively a new healthcare field, the scope for a phlebotomy technician is increasing much more than before. One can get certified within a shorter duration of time and you will need to perform simpler phlebotomy procedures on patients with the newly advanced technology.

The main job of a phlebotomy technician is to perform blood tests, draw the patient’s blood into a test tube, analyze the blood samples, draw the blood for donation purpose or any other purposes, detect the sample for abnormalities, and to diagnose the disease. Phlebotomy technicians examine all types of human body fluids, assess the blood cells to detect and treat various disorders. They also interpret a clinical impression based on the sample findings, advice the patients, and assist various other specialty physicians by producing medical reports. Read more about phlebotomy technician job description.

How much does Phlebotomy technician make ?

Average phlebotomy technician salary

According to PayScale, the average salary for a phlebotomy technician in the United States ranges from $22,970 to $31,842 per year and an average hourly wage ranges from $9.45 – $17.22 per hour.

Phlebotomy technician salary in USA

According to PayScale reports, the yearly salary for the phlebotomy technicians with less than 1 year of practical experience ranges from $19,866 – $39,149 while those with 1 to 4 years of experience ranges from $20,325 – $37,500. Similarly, those with 5 to 9 years of experience receive a yearly salary ranging from $29,890 to $35,345 and those with 10 to 19 years of experience receive an annual salary ranging from $26,000 – $36,000.

Some of the best wage paying states for phlebotomy technicians include California $12.74 to $17.40, New York $11.36 to $18.35, and Georgia $9.81 to $12.58 per hour.

phlebotomy technician salary in USA, UK and Australia

phlebotomy technician salary

Certified Phlebotomy Technician Salary

According to PayScale, the typical salary of a certified phlebotomy technician ranges from $20,480 to $38,395. They may also receive a bonus of $512 per year. Their wage usually ranges from $9.85 to $17.77, while overtime pay ranges from $14.70 to $26.08 per hour.

Phlebotomy technician salary in Canada

The average salary for a phlebotomist in Canada is about $32,000 CAD per year. According to payscale, a phlebotomy technician in Canada receives an annual hourly wage ranging from between C$12.69 – C$22.18. In addition, a bonus ranging from C$1,895 – C$23,489 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a phlebotomy technician in Canada receives his or her total earnings ranging from between C$26,079 – C$46,130 per year.

Phlebotomy technician salary in Australia

The average pay for a phlebotomist in Australia ranges from AU$35,000 — AU$38,000 per year. According to payscale, a phlebotomy technician in Australia receives an average hourly wage ranging from AU$16.92 – AU$22.88 per hour and an annual salary bonus ranging from between AU$198.66 – AU$5, 918. In fact, a phlebotomy technician in Australia receives his or her total earnings ranging between AU$35,291 – AU$49,082 per annum.

How to become a phlebotomy technician ?

Phlebotomy technician training

To become a phlebotomy technician, one should complete an entry level education (a high school diploma or GED) or a secondary education in human anatomy or biology before enrolling in a phlebotomy technician training program. The candidate should complete an accredited phlebotomy training program from a vocational college or a community college. The phlebotomy training includes the completion of the college course work and clinical training to gain work experience in phlebotomy.

Phlebotomy technician certification

The phlebotomy technician students can obtain their certification in phlebotomy on successful completion of a phlebotomy certificate program. One should complete high school education, phlebotomy clinical training and a program coursework as part of an accredited phlebotomy technician program to become eligible for the phlebotomy certification. On completion of exams, the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ACSP) awards phlebotomy certificate to the professional phlebotomy technician.

Conclusion about phlebotomy technician salary

According to payscale, an average hourly wage for a phlebotomy technician in the United States ranges from $9.75 – $16.80 per hour which increases by up to $8.32 – $24.75 overtime. A yearly bonus of about $1,003 is included as part of the annual salary package. Hence, the average total annual salary for a phlebotomy technician ranges from between $20,011 – $37,271.

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