What is a pharmacy technician

  • A Pharmacy Technician, also known as a Pharmaceutical Technician is a health care provider who performs pharmacy-related functions. He generally works under the direct supervision of the licensed pharmacist. He works in various locations (retail, hospital and community pharmacies) but he can also work at long-term care facilities, third party insurance companies, government and computer software companies.

  • Where do pharmacy technicians work

    A pharmacy technician works in various environments that include community pharmacies and hospitals. Sometimes these are called retail or high street pharmacy. Most pharmacy technicians also work in hospitals and the community hospitals. As for the pharmaceutical production or sales in the pharmaceutical industry, a pharmacy technician is also responsible in going to the pharmacies to check the sales that have been made and the prescription of drugs to that specific pharmacy. Primary care organizations, prisons and primary care organizations are also some of the environments that a pharmacy technician can work at. He can also be found in military, veterinary pharmacy and pharmacy organizations.

    Duties of a pharmacy technician:

    – dispending medical devices and prescription drugs to patients

    – instructing patients on the use of medical devices and prescription drugs

    – performs administrative duties in pharmaceutical practice

    – reviews prescription requests of doctors and insurance companies

    – ensures correct medications

    – ensures that payment has been received

    – supplies medicines to patients, whether these are over the counter or prescription drugs

    – assembles the medicines for prescriptions

    – provides the information to patients and other healthcare professionals

    How does the pharmacy technician diagnose

    A pharmacy technician also speaks directly with patients on the phone and aids in the awareness of taking medications on time. In any countries, pharmacy technicians work within the pharmacy workforce and this has been amplified recently. The shortages in pharmacist result to the increase in the number of pharmacy technicians as well as their responsibilities. Nowadays, a pharmacy technician also aids in alternative medicine, customer care, hospital software systems, infection control, inventory management, and retail.

    Pharmacy technician manages the areas of medicines supply such as the dispensaries. He is also there to supervise the other pharmacy staff and is responsible for producing medicines in the pharmaceutical industry stand hospitals.

    Why should you become a pharmacy technician

    Pharmacy technician works behind the pharmacy counter and assist the licensed pharmacists with filling prescriptions. He is also responsible for managing inventories, labeling, dispensing and formulating medications. This can be a full-time or part-time career, depending on how you want to go about it. It is possible to be a Pharmacy Technician and pursue other goals at the same time.

    If you enjoy caring for and working with others, then you know that you are on your way to become a pharmacy technician. You must also know how to follow directions, communicate effectively and work quickly with the customers.

    In order to become a Pharmacy Technician, you must complete an internship in a pharmacy. This is pre-requisite as part of the training. Many employers favor the pharmacy technician that has certifications from national or local pharmacy boards and have passed the standard exam.

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