What does a pharmacy technician do

  • A pharmacy technician serves to support the licensed pharmacists in filling prescriptions for health professionals and customers. This position helps keep the pharmacy operating smoothly.

  • Pharmacy technician job description and duties

    Pharmacy technicians have to perform a wide range of duties and tasks. They get the customers’ written prescription or refill requests and make sure that all the details in it are accurate and complete. They look after the security conditions and ensure the proper storage of drugs. They have to fill bottles with prescribed drugs and label each bottle properly.

    It is a part of a pharmacy technician’s work to respond to requests, answer questions, and pick up the phones. They also help customers by finding the items that they are looking for or directing them to the licensed pharmacists for more information about their medications.   They price prescriptions and file them after they have been filled.

    To keep things running smoothly in the pharmacy, pharmacy technicians clean and maintain work areas and equipment and sterilize glassware as prescribed. They organize patient profiles and maintain the list of medications prescribed for each patient. They order, label, and keep inventory of the medications, supplies, and chemicals and enter data into computer. Pharmacy technicians receive and store newly delivered supplies, verify the delivery against the invoices, and notify supervisors about the inventory, especially if there are shortages. It is also their task to transfer medications from vials to sterile and disposable syringes. They add nutrients or drugs to intravenous solutions in carefully measured amounts under sterile conditions to prepare IV packs. They only do it under the supervision of a pharmacist. They also provide and monitor the robotic machines designed to dispense medicines into their proper containers and label those containers. They mark the items for sale. It is also their duty to look after the home health care products and services.

    Pharmacy technicians have other duties that involve more than the pharmacy. They process medical insurance claims and organize the records. They serve as cashiers. They compute how much a hospital patient’s total prescription is. They also deliver medications and other supplies to patients or nursing stations.

    Where does a pharmacy technician work

    Pharmacy technicians are usually employed in pharmacies, such as in drug stores and grocery stores. There are also positions in clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, outpatient centers, telepharmacies, mail-order pharmacies, and nuclear pharmacies.

    Why should you become a pharmacy technician

    Some people work as pharmacy technicians because it can help pave their way towards becoming a licensed pharmacist. Even if they still need extensive training to become a certified pharmacist, being a pharmacy technician puts them in a position where they can observe the pharmacists at work.

    Others choose the position as a pharmacy technician because it gives them the opportunity to work in the healthcare industry without the burden of clinical responsibilities. They don’t have to deal with broken bones or blood.

    Due to the increased demand for pharmacy technicians, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimating it to grow by 20% from 2012 to 2022, this meant higher salaries for this profession.

    As pharmacy technicians, they also get to use their people skills and improve it as they continue to deal with customers and even insurance companies.

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