Pharmacy technician courses

  • Pharmacy technicians are essential part of the health care section. Being a pharmacy technician allows a person to be in the every growing health field without having any on hand experience with the patients that come in.

  • A majority of the courses that out there trains a student to provide medication and health products to the patients, handle computers and other equipment, mix different solutions, count tablets, and keep the labeled bottles in order, receive prescriptions from medical offices and most importantly stocking an inventory.

    Course prerequisites include a high school diploma and most institutions prefer students who have completed courses in biology, medical terminology or chemistry before the enrollment.

    How to apply to a Pharmacy technician course

    The applicants will have to apply online for the certification in PTCB’s official site. The cost of the certification and exam is around $120 and authentic details should be provided during the time of applying as false details could lead to the disqualification of the candidate.

    Those who need testing accommodations must apply separately for the same and no extra costs will be charged by the PTCB for applications that are reasonable like for a person having any disability.

    If you want to bring in your own testing equipment needs to take special permission for that as well if the item is not in the list that is provided by the PTCB.

    What are the course topics in pharmacy technician ?

    A majority of the pharmacy technician course that is available offers associate degree courses. This mixes the technical training with traditional classroom instructions and prepares the candidates for the National Certification exam which is conducted by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

    Some of the mandatory course topics include the lights of Disease processes, Principles of pharmacology, Systems of the human body, Medical terminology, Pharmacy trends, Anatomy and physiology, Law and ethics in pharmacy and the use of sterile products. In addition to the pharmacy technology curriculum, the students will also have to complete course works in biology and mathematics.

    The course could be either done through an online program or live programs. The Online course should be accredited by the respective state boards before being enrolled into.

    What to do after course completion ?

    Once the course has been completed by the student, he or she will be eligible to appear in the national certification exam conducted by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). The application for the exam can be sent through the official website of PTCB and the applicants who pass the exam will be given the award of Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) certificate.

    After attaining, the technicians should complete 20 hours of continuing education for the purpose of recertifying the CPhTs every two years.

    Alternatives to the traditional Pharmacy technology course

    Taking an associate degree in the applied science in Pharmacy technology is an alternative to the traditional course that are provided by the majority of the schools. This is a two year program which extensively covers the job needs and knowledge levels required for a pharmacy technician.

    It mainly deals with the usual mandatory classes provided by other courses in addition to the extra classes for Workplace professionalism and payment systems which include insurance claiming details and Medicare. Students enrolling in this would also undergo some clinical seminars which will introduce them into the job opportunities that are available in the healthcare field along with preparing them for the pharmacy technician certification exam.

    Apart from these, the candidates will also be given internship experience in the local pharmacies once they reach the end of their two year course.

    A student who completed the course can then apply for the certification exam, which will improve his or her credibility and prepare for the day to day requirements that the pharmacy technician job requires.

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