Pharmacy technician salary

Pharmacy technician’s salary (shortly known as a pharmacy tech salary, pharmacist technician salary or pharmaceutical technician salary ) in the United States is about $28,400 per year and an hourly wage is about $12 per hour. The yearly salary for top 10 percent of pharmacy technicians is more than $40,710 while a yearly salary for the lowest 10 percent of them is less than $19,840. The pharmacy technicians employed in pharmacy stores earn around $27,160 per year while those employed in hospitals receive about $32,400 per annum. In addition, many pharmacy technicians receive standard benefits like retirement plan, paid sick leave, medical insurance, and liability coverage. Pharmacy technician salary is one of the highest in medical field, so read more about pharmacy technician salary, pharmacy tech education and how to become a pharmacy technician.

Pharmacy technician job description

What is pharmacy technician ? Simple question right ? Well most people think that pharmacy technician does a same job as pharmacist but he does not. Lets start with deep pharmacy technician job description. The job of a pharmacy technician is to assist the licensed pharmacists to dispense medicines, fill a prescription, counting tablets or pills, mix medications, maintain the labeling and package of a medication and answer to the customer queries. It has been reported that pharmacy technicians receive a higher salary range when compared to retail jobs and the job has more demand due to more number of patients. Also, one can start earning after the completion of job training and does not need a college degree.

How much does a Pharmacy technician make ?

Average pharmacy technician salary

Average yearly salary for a pharmacy technician is about $28,400 and an hourly wage is about $13.65 per hour. Compare pharmacy technician salary with  pharmacist salary.

Pharmacy technician salary in USA

Based on percentiles, the median yearly salary for 90th percentile pharmacy technicians has been around $38,125. Similarly, about 75th percentile pharmacy technicians received $35,171, 25th percentile of them received $28,815 while 10th percentile received $25,982 per year. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median wage for a pharmacy technician salary is about $13.32 per hour.

pharmacy technician salary in US, UK, Canada

pharmacy technician salary

Pharmacy technician salary in Canada

The yearly salary for a pharmacy technician in Canada ranges from C$21,490 – C$41,282.  According to payscale Canada, a pharmacy technician receives an average hourly wage ranging from between C$10.38 – C$19.58 per hour. In addition, a yearly bonus of about C$31.55 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a pharmacy technician receives his or her total earnings ranging from between C$21,606 – C$41,335 per annum.

Pharmacy technician salary in Australia

The yearly salary for a pharmacy technician in Australia ranges from AU$31,869 – AU$47,580. According to payscale Australia, a pharmacy technician receives an average hourly wage ranging from between AU$15.42 – AU$22.34 per hour. In addition, a yearly bonus of about AU$1,279 will be credited to his or her account. In fact, a pharmacy technician receives his or her total earnings ranging from between AU$31,869 – AU$47,613 per annum.

Certified pharmacy technician salary

An average hourly wage for a certified pharmacy technician in the United States ranges from $9.03 – $16.87 per hour which can earn up to $12.11 – $25.86 overtime. The total mean annual salary ranges between $18,933 – $36,589 and a yearly bonus can go up to $1,016. The hourly wage for those employed in hospital ranges from $11.25 – $19.35 which averages from $19,575 – $41,781 per year while those employed in pharmaceuticals earn an hourly wage from $8.96 – $16.68 that averages to a yearly salary from $19,241 – $39,942.

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Pharmacy technician education

To become a pharmacy technician, one should attend community colleges or vocational schools and complete a postsecondary education program in pharmacy technology that usually lasts for 1year. The candidate studies about pharmacy courses that include pharmacy arithmetic, methods to dispense the medicines, keeping up the records, learning about medication, its action, dosage, pharmacy codes, ethics and law. On completion of pharmacy program, the student receives an award certificate. Read more about How to become a Pharmacy technician .

Conclusion about pharmacy technician salary

The hourly wage for a Pharmacy technician with less than 1 year experience ranges from $7 to $13 per hour while the hourly wage for those with over 5 years of experience is around $17 per hour. According to the U.S. BLS, an average annual salary for a pharmacy technician in the United States is about $ 28,400 per annum and an hourly wage is $13.65 per hour. Pharmacy technician salary is one of the highest compared to other medical technology careers.

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  1. zubair says:

    if some one finish pharmacy assistance course, so can he go for pharmacist degree?

  2. J Davis says:

    Everything you need is to pass the PTCE.

  3. wilmer says:

    im about to pick this career in the c. college
    but i havent seen a lot male working as pharmacy tech
    so, i kind of hesitant to go and register sometimes
    somebody here can please tell me if a male has the same chance of get a job as a pharmacy tech.

    • Amu Gadher says:

      I am based in Croydon U.K and Pharmacy Technician with 5 yrs experience.Is there any state /company relocation subsides facilities available

    • DexCphT says:

      I work at an extended care pharmacy from 9-5 m-f and a retail pharmacy on the weekends. I am one of the only male techs at either and it has never been an issue. I have been a tech since 2007 and you are right, there are very few men in the pharmacy at all either techs or pharmacist. If anything I view it as an advantage when going into this field b/c it is a very competitive job market, and anything that makes you different can give you the edge! Don’t get discouraged, it’s a great career with a very low “buy in” (as in the education is inexpensive compared to other fields) so if it’s what you want to do go for it!

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