Patient care technician training

  • Patient care technicians are health professionals who provide direct medical care to patients within their scope of practice. They perform nursing assistant tasks which include taking care of patients, observing vital signs and changes and communicating with the health care team. They might also have to perform phlebotomy tasks and ECG.

  • Patient care technicians should work under the supervision of doctors and nurses to perform clinical skills like recording pulse rate, blood pressure, temperature and performing various other tasks related to patient care.

    PCT Training Requirements and Recommendations

    The minimum requirement of becoming a certified patient care technician is the completion of a training program and a minimum one year experience in the field.

    Desired candidates must possess a high school diploma certificate before taking up the patient care technician career. Most of the employers would only consider students who have successfully completed a state technician certificate program. Some employers will also consider students who have enrolled in a certificate program. Some hospitals also offer training programs which would last for 2 or three months, which combines a hands on training and classroom coaching. For student who are looking forward to complete a training program, there are many technical and community colleges that offer technician programs. Most of the programs take about 1 year to complete and prepares aspiring candidates to prepare for state level certification programs.

    National Patient Care Technician test (NCPCT)

    NCPCT is offered by the organization National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT) which is an independent organization for health care instructors and professionals in the United States.  An individual must be a US high school graduate and must have to submit the patient care technician diploma certificate or equivalent certifications. Students who are currently attending technician programs at an institution that is not an NCCT test site must wait until receiving a graduation certificate.

    Patient care technician certification exam from national certification career association (NCCA)

    A desired candidate can visit the site and fill out an online form to register for the certified patient care technician program. A student can only apply to the certification program if their academic institution is a testing site for the exam. There are two parts to the examination: The clinical skills exam and a theory exam. Theory exam is a multiple choice examination, which test the student’s skills in various areas. Every candidate has to prove their clinical skills under the guidance of a qualified instructor. The clinical skills of a student will be recorded in a manual provided by the testing site to record your score. Theory exam has two versions: An online version and a paper bases test.

    The importance of taking clinical exam

    Taking a clinical skills exam is equally important because it raises the standard of a student and make sure that they possess clinical skills in addition to the theory knowledge. Knowledge in actually performing clinical activities is a must and the clinical skills exam is a platform for a student to prove their skills. Passing the clinical exam is a valuable certification while looking for an employment. Find out more about duties of a patient care technician,

    Renewing your certification is important as it is a form of continuing education and it helps students to have touch with the desired knowledge in the medical field.

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