Patient care technician job description

  • Lets start with patient care technician brief job overview. A patient care technican is an important job in terms of the medical profession. These professionals will provide help to patients in clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. A technician will send most of the time with ill and injured patients and usually nurses or doctors will supervise a patient care technician. Their job duties include collecting specimens, taking care of the patient’s grooming and hygiene, taking note of vital changes and signs and performing catheterization.

  • Is the patient care technician job suitable for you

    If you are an individual who likes to work in a medical facility, interact with patients and other medical professionals, then this job is for you. Helping the patients to heal isn’t a duty that is limited to doctors and nurses. Several other careers allow you to closely interact with the sick and ill and be role model to others. Patient care technician is such a medical profession, which helps you to play a vital role in the medical field. This job would be perfect for an individual who wants to focus entirely on patient care.

    A patient care technician doesn’t have to work behind the scene, they interact directly with the patients. Their job responsibilities depend on the patient’s needs.

    Job responsibilities of a patient care technician

    The main duty of a patient care technician ranges from assisting patients and helping them with daily tasks, checking blood pressure and pulse. They will also help the other medical professionals to perform a physical test. A technician will monitor all the activities of patients, including their food intake and medical condition and make sure that everything concerning the patients is alright. If a patient is confined to bed, they are responsible for changing bedding, take care of skin problems and make sure bedsores and related problems are forbidden.

    It is also a technician’s duty to ensure that the patients’ rooms are correctly sterilized and to give them medications as required. Technicians will be there at patients call of they need any assistance. They help patients with every task they are unable to do. Check also patient care technician educational requirements and training.

     Specialized Duties of a patient care technician

    Some patient care technicians have to perform specialized duties other than normal patient care. These special duties include performing catheterizations and drawing blood from a patient’s body. The special duties a technician can provide varies with regulations that a state imposes on this job. In order to perform special duties, a technician must have additional certification and education.

    Patient care technician: Salary and overall job outlook

    While you want to make a difference in the lives of other people, job security and money also have to be considered. Average salary of a patient care technician comes around $25,000 and the expected job growth is around 20-25 % in the next 5 years. A technician’s job growth is highly dependable on the aging population who will have health care needs in the future as they age. A patient care technician’s job will not have a big growth when compared to other medical professionals because nursing home and clinics are funded directly by the government and thus the growth depends on the funds available.

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