How to become a Patient care technician (PCT)

  • Patient care technician certification

    An aspiring patient care technician (also known as PCT ) should first complete a patient care technician diploma program and undergo training from the community colleges or vocational schools. The student can receive a voluntary certificate in patient care on passing the exam conducted by the educational institution. One should obtain CNA state certification to take part in certificate programs. In general, a patient care technician should complete basic cardiac life support (BCLS) or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification programs to become certified patient care technician or assistant. Read more details about PCT certification.

  • Patient care technician training

    The candidate should first complete an entry level education (school diploma or a GED equivalent) before enrolling in a diploma program in a community college or a vocational school. The diploma program enables the candidate to gain knowledge about human anatomy, vital sign reading, and nutrition. One can also obtain training experience and hands-on training in hospitals including outpatient centres by providing the home health aide, basic nursing care, respiratory care, CPR, occupational therapy, HIV awareness and geriatric care. The training period usually lasts from 7.5 months to 1 year.

    What does a PCT do ?

    Patient care technicians are also called as certified patient care assistants (PCA), nursing assistants, home health aides, nurse’s assistants, hospital attendants, and health care assistants. The job of a patient care technician is to assist the nurses and physicians with various tasks that are related to providing patient care. PCAs provide personal care for patients by assisting the patients to perform various activities like eating, bathing, grooming, walking, exercising and taking medications. They also escort the patients on wheel chairs to the physician consultation room, radiotherapy room, diagnostics labs, including various other treatment areas.Read more about job of PCT.

    How much does a Patient care technician earn ? 

    An average perks/bonuses and profit sharing earned by a patient care technician in the United States ranges from between $272 to $1,123 per year which averages to a total yearly salary ranging from between $22,441 to $30,990 per year. Read more about patient care technician salary.

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