Patient care technician certification

  • Patient care technicians are a part of a medical team that looks after the welfare of the patients. They perform their job under the supervision of a nurse.

  • The specific duties of pharmacy technicians usually include the following:

    • Getting the patients’ vital signs
    • Measuring the patients’ height and weight
    • Getting the examination room ready for the doctor and the patients
    • Connecting with the patients during the interview and educating them about all the processes that they need to undergo
    • Performing different levels of electrocardiography
    • Drawing blood
    • Gathering specimens, handling them with care, and delivering them to the laboratory for testing
    • Sterilizing and disinfecting medical equipment
    • Conducting a pulmonary function test on a patient
    • Handling an incentive spirometry

    When it comes to handling patients, they may need to do the following things:

    • Lift patients
    • Turn patients
    • Position patients properly
    • Moving patients throughout the clinic or hospital using various techniques
    • Engaging in motion exercises
    • Installing gait belt on the patients
    • Feeding and bathing patients
    • Grooming and dressing patients
    • Wound care

    In the office, pharmacy technicians are expected to perform the following duties:

    • Keep the patients’ medical records
    • Communicate with the patients
    • Update patient records
    • Monitor the inventory of medical equipment and supplies and ordering more, if necessary

    Patient Care Technician Certification Exam

    Those who want to register for a patient care technician certification exam can fill out a registration form online. They can even choose a testing site, if their school isn’t one.

    There are two parts in the exam. Part 1 tests the clinical skills of the applicants. The applicants will be asked to perform certain clinical skills, with a qualified evaluator watching. The assessment if your clinical skills will be noted on a booklet manual.

    Part 2 is a theory exam. The applicants will answer a multiple choice exam.

    For those who are in doubt about the importance of taking the certification exam should lose those doubts. Aspiring patient care technicians should take and pass the exam to improve the standards of their training and ensure that they possess both theoretical and clinical skills required of the position. Getting certified will also improve their employment opportunities.

    According to the National Certification Career Association (NCCA), patient care technicians should receive constant updates about their field, hence the need for them to complete the necessary continuing education units every year to renew their certification.

    Those who want to prepare for the certification exam can find practice exams online. There are many websites offering free practice quizzes for subjects such as medical terminology, clinical skills, EKG, phlebotomy, and patient care technician. Check out more duties of a patient care technician.

    Employment Outlook

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is an expected 21% increase, higher than the average, in the employment of nursing assistants and orderlies, which include the patient care technicians, from 2012 to 2022. This is possibly due to the growing elderly population in the US, resulting to the increasing demands of patient care technicians and nursing assistants in long-term care facilities and hospitals.

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