Ophthalmic Technician Training

  • Ophthalmic Technician Training: What are the requirements to be an ophthalmic technician? There are steps that must be followed before one becomes an ophthalmic technician. While there are levels that necessitate to be complied, in general, these are less demanding compared with those in other careers or professions. Prior to enrollment in an ophthalmic technician accredited program which is available online and in local colleges, one needs to finish secondary school first and present his or her diploma to be admitted. This is followed by on the job training and eventually the certification exam.

  • Training Programs for Ophthalmic Technicians

    If one desires to be an ophthalmic technician, there are two training options which he or she can choose from. The first training option would be to enroll in a training program for ophthalmic technicians offered online, as well as in vocational or local colleges. These programs usually last for a year or two, depending on the school and the curriculum. Included in the curriculum are academic requirements comprised of subjects relevant to the occupation, seminars or workshops, as well as on the job trainings. Enrollment in these programs requires money and time.

    The next option for those who intend to be in the field is to directly apply in institutions that allow secondary diploma holders to work as ophthalmic technicians without prior training. In this set-up, the ophthalmic technician gets hold of the needed knowledge and skills through first hand exposure in the field. The main advantage of this set-up is that one trains and earning at the same time. However, a drawback is that he or she has to put forth extra effort in order to go through the different categories of certification, requiring him to work in a given number of years before acquiring the Certified Ophthalmic Medical Technologist standing.

    Components of Training Programs for Ophthalmic Technicians

    While there can be some variations on the components included in the curriculum for ophthalmic technician, basically the set of courses would include fundamental subjects pertinent to the practice of the field such as anatomy, physiology, applied mathematics, physics, ethics, and communications. Since the training program is highly specific for ophthalmic technology, the classes mentioned above are directed in such a way that the topics are focused on learning pertinent to the field.

    In addition, more specific subjects such as basic clinical skills and history taking, pharmacology, optics, contact lenses, lensometry, basic eye examination techniques, common eye pathologies or diseases and principles of eye diagnostic procedures are also included in the curriculum.

    While a good amount of hours in the training is dedicated to its academic aspect, on the job training, seminars, special-topic lectures, and internships are also incorporated so as to expose the students to the actual picture of the field while they are still enrolled in the training programs.

    As with any courses, each component has a corresponding number of credits and one has to pass all for completion of the curriculum.

    While local colleges have a lot to offer when it comes to training, online training school alternatives are becoming popular nowadays due to convenience. By availing of online training students can study more independently and can still opt to keep a job while training to become an ophthalmic technician.

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