Ophthalmic Technician Schools

  • Ophthalmic Technician Schools: What are the options to be considered ?

    To be a qualified ophthalmic technician, one must acquire the proper preparation from accredited schools or education institutions. To date, the options available for an aspiring ophthalmic technician include local and vocational schools, online courses, as well learning kits distributed by accredited organizations.

  • Where one would pursue his or her ophthalmic technician education is very crucial as the quality of instruction given by the training provider would determine the sufficiency of the technician’s acquired knowledge and skills on the field. In this aspect of the training, it is but necessary for one to first take a look at the curriculum of each school, look closely at their credentials or their passing rate, as well as the capacity of the instructors. It would also help to check as to which medical institutions is the school connected to as the on the job exposure later on would play a vital role in the technician’s practice.

    Aside from these, one must also assess the practicability of his or her options. While going to school on a regular basis is advantageous for those who can afford pursuing the training, this might not be the case for everyone. Therefore, one must see to it that the method through which he acquires the degree is in harmony with his daily schedule and personal needs such as financial stability.

    Local Colleges and Vocational Schools

    Going to local colleges or vocational schools is the first option for an ophthalmic technician. To date, there are schools across the country offering training programs for ophthalmic technicians. To name a few, we have: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Henry Ford College, Duke University School of Medicine, Georgetown University, Alberta Health Services – Rockyview Hospital, and University of Ottawa Eye Institute.

    The main advantage of taking the program from an accredited school is that the learning process is assisted by an instructor. Through this, the students can directly inquire about the lessons which they do not understand. Moreover, the practical skills that come with the training aer easily taught.

    The disadvantage of taking the course from a local school or college however is that it might require bigger spending and students who opt to enroll might not have the opportunity to look for jobs for income as most of their time is spent at school.

    Online Courses and Learning Kits

    Another option for those who intend to go into ophthalmic technician programs is to enroll themselves in online classes offered by institutions such as http://eyecarece.jcahpo.org/ and http://www2.necc.mass.edu. By enrolling in these online courses on ophthalmic technology, one is given access to a data base of lessons organized by topic which may be given as a whole from the start or updated on a daily basis. Basically, online courses and learning kits have similar structure, except that learning kits don’t require internet connection for access.

    The main advantage of taking the program online or suing the kits is that you can study in a more independent manner. Meaning you choose your time and place, you can even study while at home or at work. This set up allows you to earn while you study.

    A disadvantage of this set up however is that there’s no instructor to guide you along the process. In addition, you might still be required to visit the institution’s office on regular basis to learn the practical aspect of the course or take the assessment exams.

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