Nail technician schools

  • Nail technician schools can provide training for aspiring nail technicians- both for those who intend to pursue a career in the cosmetic or aesthetic industry as well as those who might be working in the medical field. In these schools, programs have been formulated to provide interested students with the necessary comprehension regarding the nail’s structure and composition, the pathologies affecting it, the medical remedies for nail diseases and injuries, as well as the creative side of it.

  • Nail Technician Schools: Is it necessary ?       

    A lot of individuals tend to neglect the fact that despite being parts of the body with a relatively small surface area, the nails are actually part of the human anatomy that has to be taken care of. First, despite being small, they are actually noticeable. Whenever we shake hands, wave at somebody, write, or practically at almost everything that we do, we actually expose our nails. Second, the nails are targets of some of the most common pathogens, most especially fungal ones. Given these, there is indeed a necessity for a nail technician to fully understand the nails-from their anatomy, physiology, the diseases that commonly affect them, the possible treatment, as well as ways to keep them healthy and attractive. And knowledge and skills on these can be learned and practiced in nail technician schools.

    Moreover, it is very much necessary to acquire the proper training prior to practice as a nail technician as training is required for licensing, and having a license obliged by the state before one can work as a nail technician.

    Enrollment at a Nail Technician School

    For one to be admitted at a nail technician school program, she must be a secondary diploma holder. These programs are offered at community or technology colleges or as online courses. Upon admission to these programs, the nail technician must complete a training of about 200 to 800 hours, depending on the school or the state.

    The cost of enrollment in a nail technician training program depends on the set of courses to be taken, the number of units or credits involved, the level of qualification of the instructors, and the facilities present in the school. And what the fee covers also vary- for example in some schools the expenditure for training materials is already included in the fee while some schools require their students to provide for their own materials or instruments.

    List of Schools

    To name a few schools within the United States that offer nail technician courses include Austin’s School of Spa Technology, New York Institute of Beauty, Marinello Schools of Beauty, Capri Institute, and Evergreen Beauty College. In Canada the list of nail technician school includes Aveda Institute in Calgary and Aesthetics and Hairstyling College of Canada Ltd. Those that offer online training are: The Academy of Nail Design, Open Study College, and The Mirage Spa Education Center.

    To become a nail technician requires an effort for continued education. While training or schooling requires that one invest some time on it, the length of the training is usually shorter compared with other technical courses and enrollment usually costs less.

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