Nail technician job description

  • Nail technicians often work at salons, spas or barber shops, looking after the customers’ nails, while some are self-employed. They are also called as manicurists or manicure technicians. Their work is mainly about cutting, polishing, and shaping the fingernails of their customers, while doing their job following safety and sanitation guidelines. In most states, nail technicians need to be licensed before they can work. They usually get their license after completing a nail technician program, or a cosmetology program, and passing the written and practical exam.

  • What is nail technician

    Nail technicians are responsible for helping their customers improve the way they look. They focus on giving manicures and pedicures. However, some may also offer extended services like the application or removal of fake nail systems, such as acrylic, silk, porcelain, fiberglass nails, silk nails, and nail art.

    When at work, nail technicians perform the following tasks every day:

    • Clean cut, and paint the nails of the spa or salon customers.
    • Trim, file, and shape nails, as per the customers’ requests, using clippers, emery boards, and scissors.
    • Assess the needs and wants of the customers regarding their nails.
    • Check the customers’ skin carefully to see if there is a skin infection or breakdown.
    • Soften the nails by soaking them in a solution or soap.
    • Get rid of the old polish.
    • Soften the cuticles using a special gel.
    • Get rid of cuticles using a stick and trim the edges, if necessary.
    • Apply nail polish, French manicures, colorful designs, or fake nails, depending on the customers’ request.
    • Shape nails and trim the edges for a smooth look.
    • Apply nail polish, including top, bottom, and finishing coats.
    • Apply gel or acrylic nails.
    • Remove acrylic nails and fix damaged nails.
    • Sell nail care products.
    • Dry nails.
    • Buff and polish the customers’ nails.
    • Moisturize hands and arms with lotion.
    • Ensure the customers’ satisfaction with their nails and fix any problems they might have noticed.
    • Sterilize and disinfect the instruments.
    • Prepare hot oil treatments for the customers.
    • Sanitize the manicure station.

    Check also nail technician educational requirements and training.

    Nail Technician Personal Requirements

    Nail technicians have to be neat at all times. They should not be allergic to the nail care products and other chemicals often used in this line of work. They should be trained to act in a polite and tactful manner towards the customers. Nail technicians have to constantly interact with their customers and talk to them while doing their nails, which means that they need to have good interpersonal skills and have a genuine interest in people, in general. They also need to be well-coordinated to do their job well. Nail technicians have to be patient and creative as well.

    Mobile Nail Technician Possibilities

    Nail technicians who want to work at their own pace without an employer can start a mobile nail technician business. They need to pick an area of specialization first to decide what to offer their clients. Next, they have to register their business and get permits in the city, such as Employer Identification Number, assumed name certificate or sales tax permit. Nail technicians also need licenses to operate their mobile salon in the state. There are states that require the vehicle to be registered as a commercial vehicle and the nail technicians to get a commercial driver license. Most states only allow licensed nail technicians to engage in this business.

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