Nail technician courses

  • Nail technicians care for and beautify their clients’ nails. They are also known as manicurists and pedicurists. Those who want to become nail technicians need to undergo training, hence the need to know about the cost of the program, its duration, what subjects to expect, and more.

  • Nail School Classes

    Most nail schools hire experienced instructors for their nail technician classes. They can train their students to become licensed nail techs and provide in-depth instructions about the job.

    Some of the typical classes taught in nail tech school include the following:

    • Nail care history
    • Safety, sterilization and sanitation of nail care equipment
    • Personal hygiene and public health
    • Uses of nail care chemicals
    • Uses of nail care machines and tools
    • Nail design
    • Manicures and pedicures
    • Nail sculpting procedures
    • Nail tips, extensions, and wraps
    • Nail product knowledge
    • Acrylic nail products, fills, application, and removal
    • Massage techniques
    • Disorder of the nails and other nail conditions

    These classes usually combine book learning and theory. They also teach nail art and design and help students get hands-on experience with a trusted nail salon. These programs help students prepare for the written and practical exams that they need to pass in order to become licensed nail technicians.

    Length of the Nail Technician Program

    Nail technician programs may provide students the required 200 to 800 hours of training by the state to help them qualify for the licensing exam. However, these programs render an average of 375 hours of training. Some states allow students to divide their training hours between classroom instruction and apprenticeship.

    Depending on the licensing requirements of the state, the length of the program for nail technicians may vary. Another factor that affects its duration is the type of school, whether it’s a full-time or part-time school. On the average, nail technician programs usually last from 3 to 12 months.

    For those who aspire to become master nail technicians, advanced programs are also available. Some states may require these aspiring master nail techs to take and pass an exam.

    Cost of the Nail Technician Program

    The cost of completing a nail technician program varies depending on the hours of instruction, courses, facilities, equipment, and location. Due to the cost of establishing nail school facilities, those that are located near major cities like New York and Los Angeles usually offer more expensive programs than those found in the suburb or rural areas. The cost is also partly determined by the type of program, whether it’s a specialty nail tech program or a comprehensive cosmetology one.

    Online Programs for nail technicians

    There are schools that provide online classes in nail anatomy and physiology, nail disorders, or manicure and pedicure. There may also be classes in preparation for state board’s licensure exam. Some programs also include general education courses, such as math and introductory business classes.

    Those who need continuing education credits online, courses on disposing infected materials, pathogens, overall hygiene, and marketing are also available. Some may even tackle goal setting methods and interviewing skills to further a nail technician’s career.

    It would be better to choose online programs offered by a community college or cosmetology school that is accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences. The accreditation serves to assure the students that the school meets quality standards and is approved by the board of cosmetology in the state. All the credit units obtained from these accredited schools will be counted for licensure.

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