MRI technician salary

  • MRI technician’s salary (shortly known as MRI tech salary ) in the United States is about $57,929 per year and an average hourly wage is about $21 per hour. An average salary for a MRI technician working in hospital ranges from $26,070 – $74,245 per year and an average hourly wage ranges from $19.95 – $36.45 per hour. The average salary for a MRI technician employed in a private company ranges from $10,140 – $66,215 per annum and an average hourly wage ranges from $19.45 – $37.90 per hour. In addition, a yearly bonus ranging from         $98.25 – $2,045 will be included as part of the income. Keep reading for more information about MRI technician salary and how to become a mri technician.

  • MRI technician job description

    Medical resonance imaging (MRI) technicians are qualified radiologists who assess the functional and structural anatomy of hard and soft tissues in the body with the aid of imaging equipment. MRI technicians are trained to diagnose various medical conditions based on internal anatomical findings and interpret the image findings to create an MRI report. An MRI technician assists the physicians by conducting MRI procedures and reports based on physicians’ advice. An MRI technician instructs the patients about MRI, chooses an appropriate imaging parameter, adjusts an MRI machine, and positions the patients.

    How much does a MRI technician make ?

    Average MRI technician salary

    The average annual salary for a registered MRI technician ranges from $33,455 – $73,975 and an average hourly wage ranges from $20.60 – $36.70 per hour.

    MRI technician salary in USA

    The annual salary range for an MRI technician employed in a private practice is $50,900 – $65,030 while the one employed in a non-profit organization receives from $47,505 – $77,505. Some of the best paying states for MRI technicians include California $44,765 – $78,615, Florida $47,675 – $62,405, New York $40,700 – $64,535, and Texas $43,350 – $62,200.

    mri technician salary in Canada, UK and USA
    mri technician salary

    MRI technician salary in Canada

    An average salary for an MRI technician in Canada is around $61,229 per annum.

    MRI technician salary in Australia

    An average hourly wage for an MRI technician in Australia ranges from $40 – $50 per hour which averages to an annual salary ranging from $70,000 – $90,000.

    How to become a MRI technician ?

    MRI technician education

    To become an MRI technician (also know as magnetic resonance imaging technician) , one should complete an entry level education (bachelor’s degree) and attend an accredited MRI technician training program from school or university. Alternatively, the candidate can complete 2 years of associate degree program in medical resonance imaging or complete a 1 year certificate program offered at community college. The candidate should then complete a MRI training program and obtain certification from the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

    MRI technician Training

    An aspiring MRI technician should complete a MRI training program as part of the associate’s degree program and pass the exams conducted by the ARRT within duration of 5 years upon graduation from an ARRT-accredited school. The candidate should finish an ARRT-accredited program for radiology technicians and obtain clinical experience in related subjects like sonography, mammography, nuclear medicine, and quality management. This qualifies the candidate to earn MRI certification.

    MRI technician certification

    An MRI technician can obtain a certificate by passing the MRI exams officially conducted by the ARRT. On getting certified, the student should register with the ARRT on an annual basis and finish necessary training or clinical experience in the field of medical resonance imaging. The MRI technicians should maintain their registration by completing 24 hours of continuing education once in 2 years. One can also qualify for certification by gaining clinical experience in related fields. Read more about different Technician salaries.

    Conclusion about MRI technician salary

    An average hourly wage for a MRI technician ranges from $19.90 – $36.50 per hour which can go up to $26.95 – $54.75 overtime. Thus the annual total pay ranges from $40,915 – $77,910.

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