What is a medical technician

  • A medical technician can be part of many diverse medical fields. One can be considered a medical technician if he or she has the appropriate training and certification in several areas of medical and laboratory related expertise. A medical technician can work in x-ray laboratories, emergency medical response institutions, pharmacies, dental hygienists’ offices and even in surgery. The coverage of a med-tech’s work and responsibilities depend on the field of medicine or career path that he or she has chosen to specialized in.

  • What Does a Medical Technician Do

    Certified medical laboratory technicians are trained and certified to perform various laboratory processes which deal with the testing and recording of examination results performed on different specimens such as tissue, blood and other sorts of bodily fluids.

    They work under the guidance of pathologists and physicians – since they will be responsible for testing specimens to look for any anomalies or changes. The results will then be used to diagnose existing sickness and other health problems that their patients have.

    Different Fields Medical Technicians Can Specialize In

    Also part of the team of “allied medical professionals,” a medical laboratory technician has a superfluous list of choices with regard to specializations:

    Dialysis Technicians–medical technicians who specialize in this field are trained to operate and analyze test results that deal with dialysis. They will deal with the removal of waste products in the blood that affect the kidneys and make people ill.

    Medical Laboratory Technicians – this is considered to be one of the most widely known specializations. They deal with testing and studying blood, tissue, urine and other bodily fluids to find out if the samples contain any disease causing micro-organisms and cells that cause sickness such as cancer and other serious, life threatening diseases.

    Cardiovascular Technicians – medical technicians who are trained in this field can either be one of three positions or specializations:

    Medical technician in cardiology – these perform sonograms and echocardiograms

    Medical technician for vascular ultra sound – these analyze the body’s vascular structure to study the blood flow and to look for blood clots.

    Medical technicians in cardiac or venous structures – these technicians analyze how the heart tissues and muscles perform, in order to check for blocks and other functional irregularities.

    Surgical Technicians – those who belong in this field assist in the preparation of patients before, during and after the surgery. They help make sure that the operating room has everything that the surgeons need prior to the scheduled operation.

    Emergency Medical Technicians – also referred to as EMTs, they help emergency response teams to provide urgent medical or health care to victims of fire, accidents, natural calamities and other emergency health problems.

    Radiology and Ultrasound Medical Technicians– they are not just your usual x-ray techs because they also handle CAT scans, MRIs, and even ultrasounds for both pregnant women and other types of patients.

    How to Be a Medical Technician

    There are several steps that every aspiring medical technician would have to go through in order to get trained and certified. They need to complete an associate’s degree or a certificate on courses that are specific to the practice of laboratory sciences.  They should also take part and meet the required number of hours of clinical practice to be able to finish the degree.

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