Medical technician certification, training and job description

  • How to become a Medical technician

    Medical technician certification

    The Medical technicians can receive general or specialty certification as a medical laboratory technician by completing a certification program offered by technical or vocational schools. The medical technicians should complete an accredited education program to apply for the board examination and pass the board exams. This is followed by certification from vocational college. The license should be maintained by periodically taking the continuing education programs.

  • Medical technician training

    An aspiring medical technician should complete an entry level education (bachelor’s degree in life sciences or medical technology) and complete an associate’s degree or obtain a postsecondary certificate. The candidate should then complete a medical laboratory science program or an associate’s degree course in the field of clinical laboratory science that lasts for 1 to 2 years. Alternately the candidate with a bachelor’s degree can directly enter into medical laboratory scientific program that usually lasts for a year.

    Medical technician job description

    Medical technicians, also called as clinical laboratory technicians perform certain medical tests as advised by the healthcare personnel. Although the medical technician job may be an older healthcare field, but the scope for medical technicians has been increasing more than before due to the increasing number of hospitals and healthcare centers. They perform various scientific tests to analyze the tissue, blood, body fluids including other substances in the body. A medical laboratory technician works under the supervision of laboratory manager or a medical laboratory technologist. The job of a medical technician is to collect the blood, analyze it and to interpret medical reports based on the sample findings. The medical technician also analyzes blood samples for blood counting, blood type determination, and blood transfusion purposes to name a few.

    How much does a medical technician earn ? 

    The annual salary for a medical technician employed in hospital or private or local sectors is about $56,470 per annum while those employed in medical and diagnostic laboratories received the same annual income of around $55,930. Read more about medical technician salary.

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