Laser technician certification, training and job description

  • Laser technician job description

    Laser technicians, also called as estheticians or esthetic technicians (or skincare specialists according to the BLS), assist doctors in various types of medical care facilities to provide ophthalmic care, skincare, hair treatment, and face treatment to name a few. The job of a laser technician is to assemble, operate and repair the laser equipment. They usually maintain the parts of laser equipment, fix the apparatus, sterilize and disinfect the device before the doctor treats the patient.

  • They assist the healthcare professional to enhance the esthetic appearance of a person, cleanse the skin, reduce the scar size, evaluate the client’s skin problem, discuss an appropriate treatment with the client, recommend products like lotions, cleansers, or creams that enhance one’s skin quality, cleansing and moisturizing the facial skin, remove unwanted hair with the aid of laser therapy, preparing the skin before applying makeup, refer clients to skincare doctors like dermatologists or hair care specialists like trichologists, apply facials,  massage head and neck, offer full-body treatments, provide extensive skin care treatments such as masks, peels, or scrubs, to exfoliate the dry or dead skin.

    Laser technician certification

    On successful completion of an accredited laser training program, the candidate qualifies to take an NCLE exam that is officially conducted by the NCLE. One can obtain certification from the National Council on Laser Excellence (NCLE) on passing an NCLE exam.  Moreover, the candidate can receive obtain necessary training and certification from various major laser certification organizations, such as the Board of Laser Safety (BLS), National Council of Laser Excellence (NCLE), the Society for Clinical Medical Hair Removal (SCMHR), and the International Laser & Aesthetic Association (IALA) that have a nationwide recognition. In addition, the state requirements vary as they have different set of regulations from becoming a certified laser technician.

    Laser technician training

    To become a laser technician, one should complete an entry-level education (high school diploma or its equivalent) and enroll in an accredited laser technician training program or laser and LED training. One can also enroll in a laser training program or associate’s degree as offered by the vocational schools. During the laser coursework training, one can gain classroom education along with hands-on laser experience, general tissue reactions, procedure training, regulatory laws and safety guidelines. Laser training courses also include laser skin renewal, laser hair removal, cellulite improvement, laser tattoo removal, and laser vein removal. On successful completion of program, one can receive certification from National Council on Laser Excellence (NCLE).

    How much does a Laser technician earn ? 

    According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average hourly wage for a laser technician has been around $13.90 per hour and an average annual salary is around $28,920 per year. Read more about laser technician salary.

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