Laboratory technician schools

  • Laboratory tests are run to help identify various results as intended with the test and this can be very important in matters to do with medication. Laboratory technicians are tasked with carrying out majority of these tests geared towards detecting the presence of diseases in human body organs and fluids in order for proper diagnosis to be carried out and treatment of the disease to be achieved.

  • Laboratory technician academic qualifications

    Becoming a laboratory technician involves meeting educational requirements as they are paramount in helping the student gain deep knowledge of carrying out laboratory tests and analyzing the results.

    Associate of applied science in laboratory sciences is the minimum educational attainment for aspiring laboratory technicians. This qualification provides a degree program or a certificate program which is a two years program. There are courses that students pursuing associate or applied science will be required to attend and includes studies in clinical chemistry and bacteriology. This is a study of various families of bacteria and their appearance under magnification together with how they enter and react inside the body together and the study of diseases that can be attributed to such bacteria. Medical terminology is also taught to students together with hematology which incorporates study of formation and structure of blood and detection of presence of pathogens in the blood. Urinalysis is also studied under this program.

    Bachelor of Science in clinical laboratory science can be pursued by the students having completed the associate of applied science requirement and this program goes for two to three years. Certification is usually provided after the attainment of this educational requirement by the American society for clinical pathology. During this program the student takes classes in courses such as human genetics and diagnosis which concerns the study of metabolism of people, their relationship and reaction to diseases. Body fluids and chemistry is also studied in this program and the students are provided with skills on performing analysis of fluids such as blood urine and saliva to be able to analyze presence of diseases in such fluids and to interpret the test results.

    Clinical microbiology skills are also studied by students pursuing bachelor’s degree together with research in laboratory science which impacts the student with vital research techniques and analysis procedures necessary for carrying out effective laboratory tests. The virology study is also granted to the students.

    Laboratory technician top schools

    Though there exists many schools which provide education for laboratory technicians, there are top known schools which provide quality teaching services to students pursuing education in laboratory technology. Marshall University located in Huntington, a public school, is one of such top schools.  It offers associate for applied science program as well as the Bachelor of Science in medical technology program Therefore a student can successfully complete the associate for applied science program and enroll for a bachelor’s of science in the same institution. The school offers online education for Bachelor of Science in medical laboratory technology for those students who have completed an on-campus associate for applied science program in the same institution.

    AuburnUniversity in Auburn in the United States of America is recognized in providing education for laboratory technicians. The school offers four years of Bachelor of Sciencein laboratory technician and therefore they admit students who have completed their education in associate of applied science. This is a public school.

    Madonna University in Livonia is a catholic school that is rated among the top schools in the United States offering laboratory technician education.This school offers a bachelor’s degree in clinical laboratory science that leads to a laboratory technician. The school students admitted for this program should have completed an associate in applied science education and a completion of the bachelor’s degree will allow the student to sit for certification exams which will see him operate as a certified laboratory technician.

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