Forensic science technician schools and educational requirements

  • Crime affects different sectors of both social, economic and political life and thus to effectively manage it, scientific solutions can be sought since they not only provide accurate evidence in regards to  the perpetrator of the crime but it also helps to plan and understand the criminals better in terms of their operations. Forensic science technicians are in charge of analysis and processing of crime scene evidence through collection and careful examination to lead and identify the most probable perpetrator of such crimes. The technicians work either as evidence technicians or crime scene investigators or fingerprint examiners or criminalists.

  • Forensic science technician educational requirements

    Becoming a forensic science technician involves attainment of particular educational standards. The minimum requirement is possession of a bachelor’s degree in forensic science which is gained from accredited universities.  The degree is obtained with a major in forensic science or any natural science such as biology or chemistry or physics.

    An undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in science with an interest in working as a forensic science technician will be required to attend classes in mathematics and science work and criminal justice. The student will also be taught about criminal law and forensic archeology statistics and public speaking since they will in most cases come in contact with the members of the public and media or even give expert testimonies in court.

    Criminal justice classes will give the student knowledge of identifying the various types of justice that are accorded to the suspects and identify their features and effects together with implications of administration to the life of offenders and the community.Victim protection and advocacy is also taught to the student to empower them identify and categorize victims so that they can protect and support them in their quest for justice.

    With criminal law the student is empowered to identify the types of crimes and the elements of such crimes since they are vital in charging the offenders. The student is also taught about defenses available that can be used in a criminal proceeding.

    A master’s degree can be acquired by a forensic science technician having successfully completed the undergraduate degree. Attainment of master’s level of education will lead to escalation in the job scale of a technician who will now occupy senior level and management position. The education accorded in master’s level goes in accordance with the field where the graduate will work on their career specialty and various specialties that can be selected upon including DNA analysis or trace evidence collection and analysis or drug analysis or latent fingerprinting or toxicology among others.

    Forensic science technician top schools

    Various institutions are accredited to offer forensic science technician education. Although there are differences in the curriculum among schools and even teaching techniques, there are known top schools that can offer quality education in the field. University of Mississippi in Oxford is a public institution which is ranked among the top schools offering forensic science programs.They offer Bachelor of Science in forensic chemistry which is accredited by the American association of forensic science.They provide an internship program to the students pursuing the degree.

    The University of Central Florida in Orlando offers education in forensic science and is among the known schools in the United States of America and the public institution offers bachelors of Science in forensic science and masters of Science in forensic science. Therefore if you wish to further your studies having attained a bachelor’s degree, the school can be quite useful.

    Loyola University in New Orleans is a private university that is among the top schools. It offersbachelor of science in forensic chemistry with a 6 weeks internship and masters of Science in criminal justice administration. Though many undergraduate programs for forensic science technicians are not offered online, masters programs are gaining momentum through online studies.

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