Forensic science technician certification, training and job description

  • What does a forensic science technician do

    The job of a forensic science technician is to assist the private testing agencies or police departments to investigate the complicated crime cases. A forensic science technician performs various scientific tests including physical, biological, chemical, and bacteriological with the by the collection of various sample sources like soil, blood, tissue, glass, human waste, hair, water and industrial samples. One should be able to perform a firearm test or a DNA analysis, liquid drop test, operate certain complex machines like mass spectrometers. Overall, forensic science technician should provide supporting evidence to the investigation agencies by determining the crime suspect.

  • Forensic science technician certification

    Although, forensic science technicians require no mandatory license, one can obtain their certificate from one or more forensic specialty boards such as the American Board of Forensic Entomology, American Board of Criminalistics, or the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners. Forensic toxicologists can obtain certificate from either National Registry in Clinical Chemistry and the American Board of Forensic Toxicology. In addition, the title, Registered Medico-legal Death Investigator is conferred by the American Board of Medico-legal Death Investigators (ABMDI).

    Forensic science technician training

    One can undergo a forensic science technician training by working in law enforcement agencies as a law enforcement officer, or a member of the military, or corrections officer. Initially, the forensic science technician should work as trainees in training programs under the direct supervision of an experienced forensic technician or a scientist. On gaining experience, the candidate gains more responsibility under the general supervision. The candidate can then gain further experience in by working in various fields like research, military, scientific testing, law enforcement, or government agencies.

    How much does a Forensic science technician earn ? 

    The median expected salary for a forensic science technician in the United States is about $40,790 while an average hourly wage is about $25.09 per hour. Read more about forensic science technician salary.

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