EKG technician certification

  • Not all hospitals or diagnostic laboratories require that their EKG technicians undergo training prior to employment. In fact, there are a lot of institutions who would accept secondary school graduates, assign them on EKG, and incorporate the training with the technician’s duties. With this set up, the EKG technician learns through a more hands-on approach. While this set-up is a good option for EKG technician training, there are some advantages that undergoing a formal training can provide for, one of which is certification.

  • The main advantage of being a certified EKG technician is that one becomes a state-recognized EKG technician. Meaning, the certification issued by the state to that individual reflects hi competence in the field. Second, with the training and the continuing education required by the state for certification, one further enhances his skills and knowledge on the field, which leads to the third and striking reason to get certified which is better career and earning opportunities. This is because while those who do not get certified are hired and can work, EKG technician certification enables one to pursue his or her career in a higher career level with better compensation.

    What are the requirements for EKG tech certification?

    To be a certified EKG technician, one must be able to produce a secondary school diploma and a training completion certificate for the initial exam while higher certification examinations would require the same aforementioned requirements plus proof of work experience. The items in the exam covers subjects enumerated above and are given as multiple choice questions.

    A percentage of correct answers from the whole set of questions is required for one to pass the certification examination.

    In addition to the certification mentioned above, a certain payment is also required which varies from state to state.

    How to prepare for the certification exam?

    The best thing to do for one to ace the certification examination is to undergo he basic training required of EKG technician certification applicants. This is done by choosing a good school or training program that can provide well the needed courses and on the job training.

    While in training, it would be to the technician’s advantage if he or she is well-focused on the courses and does his or her best to absorb all the learning. Y

    While a job experience is not required in the entry level certification exam, one may opt to try volunteering in health institutions or diagnostic laboratories for a hands-on pre employment experience from which he can learn more practical skills which can be very useful during the actual examination.

    In addition, there are textbooks and reviewers available for one to study, so availing of these can be of great help to the technician.

    It is also very important to know that aside from a theory examination, some states require that one take a practical exam where he or she is tasked to demonstrate specific EKG operation steps and procedures which would assess his clinical and practical skills on the machine. He may also be tasked to give initial interpretation of the result.

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