EKG technician salary

EKG technician’s salary (also known as EKG tech salary ) depends on various factors such as the EKG training, qualification from an accredited program, lab experience, geographic location and advanced certification programs. According to the Social Security Administration, an average yearly salary for an EKG technician in the United States is about $40,711. The annual salary for the highest 10 percent EKG technicians is more than $79,290 while the lowest 10 percent received less than $27,430 and the median 50 percent earned a yearly salary of about $51,020 per year. The Occupational Outlook Handbook mentions that the employment opportunity for EKG technicians is more likely to increase by up to 24 percent through the year 2018. Read more about EKG technician salary in different states in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.  How much  EEG technician earns hourly and annually.

How much does an EKG technician make ?

Average EKG technician salary

According to the U.S. Department of Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly salary for an EKG technician is about $52,160.

EKG technician salary in USA

Based on percentiles, the median yearly salary for 90th percentile of EKG technicians has been around $41,497. Similarly, about 75th percentile of EKG technicians received $37,197, 25th percentile of them received $28,387 while 10th percentile received $24,665 per year. The median hourly wage for an EKG technician ranges from between $24.6 – $26.73 per hour.

An EKG technician employed in an academic field receives an average annual salary of about $50,430 and an hourly wage of about $24.24. The EKG technicians working in the field of medical and diagnostic laboratories or hospitals receive an annual salary of about $53,540 and an hourly mean wage of $25.74 an hour. Those employed in well-established physician’s offices earned an annual salary of about $55,570 and an hourly wage of $26.72.

Some of the best paying states for EKG technicians are Massachusetts $68,500, Washington $64,650, Alaska $82,070, Montana $64,180 and New Jersey $65,250.

ekg technician salary in USA, UK and Australia

ekg technician salary

EKG technician salary in Canada

The average hourly wage for an EKG technician in Canada ranges from C$25.23 – C$31.44 per hour that averages to an yearly salary ranging from $55,000 – $65,000. According to the recent Canadian salary reports, a median hourly wage for an EKG technician is about $22.25 CAD per hour which averages to a weekly wage of about $800.90 per week when worked for the average number of about 36 hours.

EKG technician salary in Australia

The average yearly salary for an EKG technician in the Australia ranges from AU$29,000- AU$33,000. According to the Australian VHIA salary circular for health care professionals, it has been stated that the annual salary for EKG technicians varies based on grade level and years of work experience. An average weekly wage for an EKG technician based on the grade level ranges from AU$ 877.50 – AU$ 1,826.5 per week.

Certified EKG technician salary

An average hourly wage for a newly certified EKG technician in the United States ranges from between $9.73 – $17.51 per hour which gradually increases from $5.18 – $25.75 overtime. An average annual salary bonus of around $977 will be included and the total annual salary ranges from between $20,326 – $40,195. A certified EKG technician receives various salary benefits such as: paid holidays / vacation: $29,314 – $39,307, 401(k): $23,619 – $36,207; paid sick leave: $29,774 – $39,663, and life/disability insurance: $26,000 – $36,473.

Read more about EKG tech certification, training and job description.

Conclusion about EKG technician salary

The highest paid EKG technician in the United States receives an annual salary of about $74,760 whereas the lowest paid EKG technician earns around $32,800 per year. The annual median salary for an EKG technician is about $47,010. According to the Payscale reports, non- profit organizations pay the highest possible annual salary to the EKG technicians. Their hourly wage ranges from $13.60 to $21.90 per hour which averages from $28,288 to $45,552 per year.

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  1. Anthony Powers says:

    The good news is the EKG technician field continues to grow. Based on the Department of Labor stats, the medical field in general continues to grow and EKG techs will definitely be in demand. It’s a great opportunity to not only serve a needed role, but also to help people.

  2. Richard Bridges says:

    Even if you’re 51 and starting over.

    • Cindy Smith says:

      Did you become an EKG tech? I am 51 and thinking about starting over and going back to school to become an EKG Tech

  3. Yvonne Palacios says:

    I been in the heath field for years, but mostly admins and I want to help people face to face. I currently make $17.00 an hour and taking some medical courses would I be able to make the same amount I cant afford to take a pay cut, but I do enjoy working with patients. I took a one year internship with AmeriCorps in a client and it was great helping people.

  4. christine says:

    In school now, getting extra training, will go for the ekg state test by June, got training in pct school, will challenge test, wish me luck

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