How to become a dietetic technician

  • Dietetic technicians are health practitioners who work with people and create nutritional plans to improve their health and treat or prevent any illness. They can promote healthy eating habits through counseling by giving instructions to clients and their family members how to prepare healthy food and lead a healthy life. Under the guidance of registered dietitians, dietetic technicians will prepare health plans for patients in different settings including community health centers, hospitals, nursing home or other institutions.

  • Job responsibilities of a Dietetic Technician

    Dietetic technicians, just like any other nutrition specialist, plan meals and supplies for patients and also provide nutritional therapy to the clients. They also educate students and health care providers about nutritional values through different training programs. They can recommend and advice, health programs for groups or individuals based on the evaluation of their diet. Dietetic technicians can also consult with other nutrition specialists regarding the dietary needs of patients which will help to promote the health of the clients. However, they must adhere to the guidelines of the institution in which they are working while suggesting menu and dietary plans to patients. Technicians have the opportunity to work with individual patient if they are working in clinics and hospitals.

    Education Requirements for becoming a Dietetic Technician

    Students who are interested in becoming a dietetic technician must have a high school diploma with math and science included in the syllabus before joining an associate degree course. Some institutions require candidates to pass certain placement tests and prove their knowledge in English language before taking courses. The Commission for dietetic registration (CDR) which comes under the Academy of nutrition and dietetics (AND) has made it mandatory that all the Dietetic Technicians registered (DTR) should have completed a college level educational program. All the college level educational programs must satisfy the following requirements:

    • They should be accredited by AND and Accreditation council for education in nutrition and dietetics (ACEND) and the candidates should complete a 2 year degree program and must have worked as dietetic technician experience in an actual job setting.
    • Must be a coordinated program or ACEND accredited program in
    • Classes should include the subjects; food management, nutrition therapy, diet therapy, meal management, sanitation, nutrition therapy.

    Dietetic Technician, Registered Certification/license Qualifications

    For students to become a Dietetic Technician registered (DTR) by CDR and AND, they must fulfill the educational requirements and requirements regarding experience prior to attempting the CDR exam for Dietetic Technician registered exams.  By passing this exam, a candidate becomes a professional accredited by DTR. After getting done with the exams, DTR will check the state in which the technicians are going to work because license requirements differs with each state.

    Candidates who have already have a degree or who have already completed a course work   and are interested in becoming a registered dietetic technician, must have their college records verified by the directed of the ACEND accredited technician program. Because the procedures, rules, regulations and costs for the record evaluation may differ with institutions. The director will then evaluate a candidates previous academic records and identify the courses a candidate have to take at the school to meet the requirements to appear for the registration exam for becoming a dietetic technician. Read more about Dietetic technician salary.

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