Dialysis technician schools and programs

  • Dialysis technicians are medical professionals who work in hospitals and nursing homes and operates dialysis machines for performing dialysis for patients who have problems with kidney function. Future technicians can enroll in certification courses and they should also pass licensing exams provided by the state in order to get eligible for working as dialysis technicians in medical institutions.

  • Educational prerequisites of Dialysis Technicians

    Desirable candidates can enroll in technology programs from any vocational schools or available community colleges in their state. For a student to become a dialysis technician, a high school diploma is the basic requirement. It is desirable if the students have taken coursesin local anesthesia administration, monitoring vital signs, venipuncture, recognizing signs if complications in patients and assisting them fir the dialysis process. The Students should have completed sufficient hours in classes and laboratories.

    Licensing and certification requirements for dialysis technician course

    Licensing and certification is a must for all dialysis technicians in every state and renewing a license is a continuing education process. Every state have testing and training programs that award the title “Certified Hemodialysis Technician (CHT)”.However, all the states require the state certified dialysis technicians to be first qualified through Board of Nephrology examination for nurses and technicians (BONENT). Even though requirements and criteria varies with states, certified technicians are expected to complete continuing education which comes around a fixed number of hours and should renew their license every 2 to 4 years.

    Aspiring Dialysis Technicians who have enrolled in the Dialysis Technician diploma course will have to learn how to operate and maintain dialysis machines and its sterilization. They will also have to learn how to give useful instructions to patients in performing home treatments. Technicians will also have to teach the patients about the safety measure that should be taken. The dialysis technician training program consists of 70-75 total hours of education. The completion time for normal training program is 1 year and the evening training program will be completed within 15 months. After completing the training program and other requirements, the graduate will be qualified for the beginner level employment.

    What are the online courses available for the dialysis technician course ?

    The online courses for dialysis technicians are mentioned below:

    • Renal Anatomy and Terminology Course
    • Dialysis Environment and Procedures Course
    • Principles of Dialysis Course

    In Renal anatomy and terminology course, the students are given classes about kidney in detail and medical terms in Nephrology. They will also be taught about the causes of renal failure. In principles of dialysis course, students learn about tests used to diagnose and manage renal failure.  Common patient concerns, filtration process principles, commonly used medications are some of the other subjects discussed in this course. In the dialysis environment and procedures course, state and federal regulations, options for certifications are the few topics taught to the students.

    What will be the overall cost of the dialysis training program?

    The cost required for dialysis training program differs from state to state, but it comes around &18000 with additional cost for other supplies like book and graduation fee. Additional costs will come around $1800.

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