How to become a Dialysis technician

  • What does a dialysis technician do

    A dialysis technician assists a nephrologist while performing a dialysis procedure in patients presenting with an end stage renal failure, drug over dose, metal poisoning and so on. The job of a dialysis technician is to perform dialysis procedure in an attempt to purify the patient’s blood from toxicities and impurities thus restoring the normal body function. The dialysis technicians operate the dialysis machines, instruct their dialysis patients, monitor the patient’s vital parameters, assist the nephrologist during the procedure and treatment.

  • At present, the dialysis technician’s job is simple due to the latest technology used in the dialysis machines and one can get promoted to chief technician’s grade with further education and necessary experience. The greatest advantage a dialysis technician can have is to advance to a biomedical equipment technician with additional training.

    Dialysis technician certification

    The candidate should enroll in an accredited dialysis technician training program in a school or university. On completion of an accredited dialysis technician program, one can receive a certification on passing the examinations. The certification will be awarded by the national organizations like National Nephrology Certification organization (NCCO) and Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT). In addition, one should complete a physical training session in a dialysis center to gain dialysis technician experience.

    Dialysis technician training

    An aspiring dialysis technician should complete an entry level education (a high school diploma or an equivalent degree) and complete an accredited dialysis technician training program from a technical school or a community college or hospital. Alternately, the candidate can gain medical experience and become a GED Volunteer in a hospital and the student can enroll in a CPR or first aid certification class. The candidate should gain dialysis training experience in a hospital.

    How much does a Dialysis technician earn ? 

    The average annual salary for a dialysis technician is about $42,240 and an average hourly wage is $20.31 per hour. The median annual salary for majority of the dialysis technician in the United States is about $38,460. Read more about dialysis technician salary.

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