Dental technician job description

  • A dental technician is a professional whose duty is to provide dental services to people who have dental problems and those who want to correct the appearance of their teeth. If you are interested in such a field and can work for long hours, this job is perfect for you. For a candidate to excel in this job, they need to possess practical skills and have a stable hand.It is the duty of a dental technician to constantly maintain and improve the dental health of patients. They work along with dentists in hospitals, dental clinic and dental labs and are trained to work with a wide range of tools like steel, polymer glass and plastics.

  • Dental technician job duties and responsibilities

    The skills a dental technician need to possess are usage of dental technology, focus on customer relationships, oral health maintenance, communication skills and attention to small details, documentation skills and delivering quality services to patients.

    Desired candidates must be registered with the dental council before taking up the profession of a dental technician. You also have to possess a number of university qualifications before you can work as a dental technician.

    A dental technician’s income

    The average hourly wage of a dental technician is about $17 per hour in the United States. An entry level dental technician will receive about $35000 while a person with some experience will receive an annual wage of $46000. If you are a professional having more than 4 years of experience, you are likely to receive an annual income ranging between $55000 t0 $80000.  Technicians who are employees in manufacturing companies will have an income of around $18per hour. As the technology advances, there is an increased demand for cosmetic dentistry and procedures varies from whitening to shaping and replacing the teeth. As a result, dental technician job is gaining popularity over the years. Read more about dental technician salary data around the world.

    A dental technician will specialize in any of the four areas which are: Crown work, Orthodontic, Prosthetics and Maxillofacial prosthetics. Orthodontics includes creating metal or plastic devices such as braces to improve the appearance of the teeth. Whereas prosthetics and Maxillo facial prosthetics involves producing plastic dentures and reconstructing the faces of patients damaged by any accidents respectively. A technician needs to have knowledge about recreating and designing porcelain, plastic and gold materials make specialist devices according to the patient’s needs. He/she also should know about the latest techniques, instrumentation and computer technology to carry out their job effectively.

    Their job duties will vary according to the various settings in which they choose to work. In a private dental laboratory, a dental technician would be creating devices and instruments for various dental practices covering a wide area. In a hospital setting or in the armed forces the technicians might have to help the dental surgeons by designing and building artificial parts for injured or people with any disease.

    Check also dental technician educational requirements and training.

    Usually, a dental technician has to work for around 40-45 hours a week. If he or she is working in a laboratory, he or she might have to work for longer hours. In labs, technicians will be working alone or as part of a small team. If they are working in hospitals, they have to work directly with dentists or dental doctors and occasionally with patients.

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