Dental technician course and certification

  • Dental technology is the science of manufacturing corrective devices and instruments required for replacing the natural teeth. It includes different branches of oral health care, including prosthetic and cosmetic dentistry. Prosthetic dentistry is needed when we lose our teeth due to any illness or accident. Cosmetic dentistry is another branch of oral care that combines the art of improving the appearance of the teeth. Other than dental surgeons, there is another category of professionals who works behind the scene to improve and maintain the oral health of patients. They are called dental technicians.

  • Dental technician educational requirements

    The basic requirements for becoming a dental technician includes a high school diploma or any other equivalent qualification, or an associate degree which is most preferred.Associate degree programs cover the concepts of prosthetic dental instruments, oral anatomy, patient communication, orthodontic devices, Ceramic materials, dental ethics and various other subjects related to oral care. While an associate degree is the common option for desired candidates, there are some bachelor degree programs also. Bachelor programs provide students with a deeper level education in the subjects like Lab safety and quality control and dental technology along with the above mentioned subjects. Whereas, undergraduate programs focus mainly on applied experience and it requires completion of lab internship before graduation.

    Dental technician certification details and goals

    Dental technicians can acquire the certificate in dental technology by passing an examination, which evaluates their knowledge and technical skills. The examination is conducted by the national board of certification (NBC) in dental technology. The exam is popularly known as certified dental technician (CDT) EXAM. A candidate who passes the CDT exam will be qualified as a certified dental technician and will be specialized either in ceramics, complete or partial dentures, crown/ bridge or orthodontics. The main goal of the CDT exam is to evaluate the knowledge and professional-level practice of the desired candidate in dental technology.

    Dental technician certification exam overview (CDT exam)

    All the aspiring candidates who want to appear for CDT exams must definitely have a strong knowledge in English language, must possess high school graduation documents and they must meet all the technical prerequisites. CDT examination includes a written specialty exam, written comprehensive exam and a practical exam, which includes the same area as that of the specialty exam. Candidates can appear for the examinations in any order, but all the three exams must be passed within 4 years from the date when the first exam was passed. All the questions are prepared by the well-known technicians working in the field. Learn more about dental tech training.

    Dental technician certification exam application process and fees

    Candidates will receive a handbook which has all the information regarding the CDT exam. Everyone should fill the application according to the instructions mentioned in the handbook to successfully register for the examination. There are options to retake the exam and the procedures are specified in the handbook. The written comprehensive exam and the specialty exam fee come around $220 whereas, the practical exam fee is around $455 which also includes a non-refundable onetime application fee of $55. Candidates must submit the completed application form and pay the fee for the specific exam. If the submission is approved, the candidate will receive a confirmation card.

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